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Caribbean Journal Names Cancun a Top Vacation Destination for Summer 2019!

02 July, 2019

Caribbean Journal Names Cancun a Top Vacation Destination for Summer 2019!

Summer vacations are usually all about enjoying some quality beach time, so it’s really not surprising that Cancun, Mexico, was named among the best places to vacation this summer by Caribbean Journal! Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula along Mexico’s only Caribbean coast, Cancun serves as the gateway to the magical Riviera Maya region and offers much more than just a party atmosphere, making it one of the world’s best beach vacation destinations for travelers of all ages.

“Cancun is one of the most popular destinations in the hemisphere, and while it may seem like it’s just because of mega-resorts and spring breakers, there is far more to the destination than that”, wrote Caribbean Journal.

Cancun is One of the Most Popular Destinations in the Hemisphere | Wrote Caribbean Journal

Getting to Cancun is also a breeze, because the Cancun International Airport accommodates hundreds of daily flights to and from destinations around the globe. Cancun and the Riviera Maya also have modern infrastructure, which makes moving around the region a piece of cake.

“When you visit, you’ll realize just how impressive the tourism infrastructure is, how broad the resort offering is, and how terrific the service can be”, wrote Caribbean Journal.

In addition to checking out some of the best beaches in the world, a Cancun vacation also offers visitors the chance to enjoy many other activities that highlight its rich cultural heritage and incredible biodiversity. Whether it’s checking out the mystical ancient seaside ruins of Tulum or paying a visit to one of the local indigenous Mayan communities, there are many things to do in Cancun and the surrounding Riviera Maya region that will suit travelers of all ages and adventure levels!

“Cancun is really a hub to explore some of the vibrant destinations just a short drive away, from the mangrove-filled beauty of Mayakoba to the fishing-village charm of Puerto Morelos”, wrote Caribbean Journal.

Cancun and the Riviera Maya Also Have Modern Infrastructure, Which Makes Moving Around the Region a Piece of Cake

After you’ve enjoyed enough time on the beach to feel satisfied (and sun kissed), consider checking out one of the Yucatan Peninsula’s many freshwater cenotes (pronounced say-note-tays). Found throughout the Riviera Maya region and beyond, cenotes are pristine underground caverns that are often connected, forming countless rivers that provide some of the world’s best diving, snorkeling and swimming opportunities.

And speaking of diving and snorkeling, it’s also important to note that the world’s second largest barrier reef lies just offshore and is home to an incredible array of colorful marine life. Book a catamaran boat tour or dinner cruise and enjoy a day of sightseeing, basking in the sun and snorkeling along the reef, or take the ferry for a day trip to Isla Mujeres, which lies just offshore from downtown Cancun and offers a fabulous day trip (or overnight) experience.

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