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Benefits of a Real Estate Investment Fund vs. Stock Market Shares

25 July, 2019

Benefits of a Real Estate Investment Fund vs. Stock Market Shares

Owning shares in a real estate investment fund offers diversification for your financial portfolio and also provides a safe alternative to investing in the stock market, bonds or mutual funds. Real estate investment funds allow investors to reap many of the same rewards they would receive if they were personally selecting, developing and managing the properties, without investing the extensive amount of time and in-depth knowledge that entails. In addition, assets like the KASA Investment Fund also offer an impressive list of added perks and benefits for shareholders, along with a secure, ongoing return on investment that can provide steady retirement income and will beat the stock market over time

By pooling money to purchase and develop income producing and rapidly appreciating investment properties, real estate investment funds also offer investors easy access to increased liquidity and professional management. They are designed to achieve specific, pre-determined real estate investing and financial goals, which will be clearly defined in the prospectus and should always protect the best interests of shareholders.

Benefits of a Real Estate Investment Fund vs. Stock Market Shares

As mutual investment entities, private real estate funds like the KASA Investment Fund give investors the chance to own shares in various types of properties without forking over the same amount of capital it would take to achieve individually. By pooling investor money in this way, the funds also give individuals the chance to gain exposure to various types of real estate assets, including large residential and commercial investment properties, such as boutique hotels and condos that offer ongoing vacation home rental income and rapid appreciation in the world’s top real estate markets.

KASA Investment Fund Offers 12-15%+ ROI and Exciting Travel Benefits

As a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the KASA Hotel Collection properties offer access to a fabulous lifestyle experience at an exceptional value, combining sustainable practices and thoughtful services with high-impact design, world-class amenities and carefully-curated local experiences. Now, the KASA brand is offering a real estate investment fund that allows investors to own shares in a diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels that, upon opening, will generate annual returns of 12-15 percent or higher.

The KASA Investment Fund offers a number of incredible benefits for shareholders in a unique lifestyle investment that provides secure ongoing income with rapidly appreciating assets, including a well-diversified, recession-proof portfolio of luxury branded beachfront hotels and resorts located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. Your principal investment is secured against the real estate and all other assets of the company, which buys and pays for all land and construction up front in cash, so the fund never incurs any debt.

Buying Shares of a Real Estate Investment Fund With Your IRA Account Is a Smart Way to Earn Secure Retirement Income

Shareholders and their families also get to take advantage of many benefits and discounts that come with being an owner of luxury beachfront hotels, including vacationing at the hotels with family and friends at cost, as well as reduced prices on food and drinks at on-site restaurants and bars. By investing in the KASA Fund, you can enjoy the many benefits of owning real estate without any of the headaches! 

Finally, it’s important to note that you can buy real estate - including shares in the KASA Investment Fund - with money that’s in your retirement account when you use a Self-Directed IRA. In fact, buying shares of a real estate investment fund with your IRA account is a smart way to earn secure retirement income and diversify your financial portfolio with an asset that also provides a hedge against inflation and protection from ongoing stock market volatility.

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