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6 Reasons to Invest in Tulum Real Estate Right Now

28 September, 2019

6 Reasons to Invest in Tulum Real Estate Right Now

The Tulum real estate market is red hot right now, giving investors the opportunity to secure proven ongoing income by investing in vacation homes, luxury condos and land in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Situated 90 minutes south of the Cancun International Airport and less than one hour south of downtown Playa del Carmen, Tulum has emerged as the next big Caribbean vacation hotspot for sophisticated travelers from around the world, creating a steadily increasing demand for luxury condos and vacation home rentals… And the chance for investors to get stable ongoing return on investment and income from a growing real estate market. 

Why you Should Invest in Tulum Real Estate Now

The Tulum real estate market is booming, providing excellent return on investment (ROI) and rapid appreciation in one of the world's hottest vacation destinations. Situated about an hour and a half south of the Cancun International Airport and just one hour south of Playa del Carmen in Mexico's Riviera Maya, Tulum is ideally positioned for income-producing investment properties like vacation home rentals. The location offers visitors easy access to ancient Mayan ruins and the best beaches in the world, along with exciting jungle adventure tours and the world's second largest barrier reef, which lies just offshore in the clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea!

Read on to see our top six reasons to invest in Tulum real estate right now!



1. Unbeatable Investment Property Rental Income 

And, we should add, incredible value. Only in Mexico’s Riviera Maya can average investors still afford to be part of the action and invest in the path of growth. Nowhere else on Earth offers such a vast array of exciting cultural experiences and the best beaches in the world, in addition to the very best shopping, dining and nightlife options. All of this (and more) is why vacation home rentals in Tulum are easily providing a great annual return on investment, and with demand still outpacing supply there is still plenty of upside potential to go around. 


Best Beaches in the World



2. Best Beaches in the World 

No list of reasons why you should invest in Tulum real estate would be complete without mentioning the beaches. Why? Because they really are the best beaches in the world! Just ask anyone who has been to Mexico’s Riviera Maya and they will tell you – the soft, white sand and clear turquoise Caribbean Sea, all juxtaposed between lush jungle, ancient Mayan ruins and the world’s second largest barrier reef, creates a magical environment that truly is incomparable to anything else on Earth.


3. Unforgettable Experiences

Buying property in Tulum comes with much more than just sand, surf and sunshine. In Mexico’s Riviera Maya, visitors get to enjoy unprecedented access to a mind-blowing variety of incredible experiences that are guaranteed to create the very best lifelong memories, with plenty of options that are suitable for virtually any level of activity and age range. Whether you want to go scuba diving along the Great Mesoamerican Reef and explore deep into one of the thousands of freshwater cenotes found throughout the Yucatan Peninsula, or are more comfortable enjoying the clear blue Caribbean Sea from a boat or with a snorkel, the watersports in Tulum are second to none. Also, there are breathtaking ancient Mayan ruins to visit and lush jungles to explore, with tours to suit every taste and interest.


Unforgettable Experiences



4. Modern Infrastructure

Another element that makes Tulum so unique among the world’s best unspoiled beach destinations is the modern infrastructure found throughout Mexico’s Riviera Maya. From the moment you arrive at the Cancun International Airport, it’s clear that this is a thriving, welcoming place with every convenience of home right at your fingertips, and so much more besides. The Riviera Maya’s growing community of expats and foreigners coming here to buy a condo in the Riviera Maya have brought with them recognizable brands like Costco, Home Depot, Liverpool, AMC English-speaking movie thaters, Outback Steakhouses, Starbucks, Walmart, Sears and many more. WiFi is everywhere and the highways are well maintained. Also, Riviera Maya investment hasn’t been corrupted by the evils of development, and Tulum is recognized as one of the world’s most eco-friendly, sustainable vacation destinations, with local condo-hotels and restaurants offering many organic options and eco-initiatives.



Growing Tourism Market



5. Growing Tourism Market

If you analyze Tulum tourism trends over the last decade, it’s clear that this gorgeous Caribbean beach destination is nowhere near the apex of its growth. In fact, the tourism numbers have been consistently robust and rising year after year with no signs of slowing down. Occupancy rates are also soaring, with Cancun and the Riviera Maya averaging at least 80-90 percent occupancy rates year after year. As a result, Tulum real estate trends over the last ten years also show incredible growth and rapid appreciation, again with no signs of temperance anywhere on the horizon. This means right now is a fantastic time to invest in Tulum real estate, which provides much-needed investment income and essential diversification for your financial portfolio, along with tax-deferred growth if you invest using funds in your IRA account.


6. Bright Future Ahead

Last but not least, it’s important to mention that the Tulum real estate market is also bolstered by the amazing future that lies ahead. Visionary developers are creating an eco-conscious paradise that is attracting an eclectic international community of forward-thinking people who are working to preserve the Riviera Maya’s natural beauty while maximizing its many unique offerings. There are also plans to build a new International Airport in Tulum and a railway network throughout the Riviera Maya and beyond, both of which will be major game-changers in the price of real estate here. Also, the development around Tulum is naturally limited (to some extent) by its close proximity to ancient Mayan sites and the 1.3-million acre Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, so now really is the best time to invest.

As you can see, the Riviera Maya is an ideal location for real estate investors and there are many different reasons why you should invest in Tulum. From the excellent investment income offered by vacation home rentals, to the region's modern infrastructure and booming tourism market, Tulum has everything it takes to provide investors with incredible upside potential in a safe, growing real estate market with easy access to many exciting activities that simply can't be found anywhere else in the world!


Do you have questions about investing in Tulum real estate? Post them in the comments! 


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