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5 Tips for Working with Playa del Carmen Real Estate Agents

25 August, 2018

5 Tips for Working with Playa del Carmen Real Estate Agents

Buying property in another country can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time investing overseas, so we put together five tips to help you find the best Playa del Carmen real estate agents, so you can establish a relationship with a trusted partner who will present today’s top investment properties and find the best investment for your unique situation. 

1. Client Testimonials

When looking for world-class professional service providers, there’s really no substitute for hearing directly from a current or former client, and this definitely holds true when you’re looking for the best Playa del Carmen real estate agents. In fact, any realtor who can’t provide a potential new client with a variety of great client testimonials is probably someone you should avoid doing business with, since there’s no substitute for experience when it comes to investing in Mexico real estate.

Written Offers

2. Written Offers

As in most parts of the world, you will need a written contract when buying real estate in Playa del Carmen, so don’t fall prey to any so-called real estate agent who recommends making a verbal offer! The reasons are really very simple: Verbal agreements can easily be broken and a written offer with a check is the first step in negotiating the lowest price and securing the property for purchase.

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3. Extensive Knowledge of the Area

One of the main reasons to work with a top real estate agent in Playa del Carmen – or anywhere else, for that matter – is to gain inside knowledge about the local market, but this is especially true when you’re thinking about real estate investing in a foreign country. Talk to a variety of different people and listen carefully to what they say. Are they revealing new and exciting info? Did they show you incredible investment properties that were not already on your radar? A person with deep understanding of the local real estate market is an enormous asset when you’re looking at investment properties located far from home. 

Extensive Knowledge of the Area

4. Office & Support Staff

This may sound a bit rudimentary, but it’s also advisable to see where your real estate agent is doing business in Playa del Carmen. For example, does he or she always want to meet in a public place, or is there also office space available? Is there a support team of administrators and other real estate professionals available to provide back up and ensure the entire buying process goes smoothly? Can you always get someone on the phone to help sort out questions and challenges as they arise? 

5. Team of Professionals

Similar to number three, this tip is referring to the team your Playa del Carmen real estate agents work with to complete the buying (or selling) process. For example, are you working with a Mexican attorney who is also fluent in your native language? Do you know who the notary will be and did they explain the fideicomiso process? Working with a team of professionals will ensure that every step of the process is transparent and that your interests are always put first in every step of the real estate transaction.

Do you have questions about investing in Playa del Carmen real estate? Post them in the comments!

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