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5 Reasons to Buy Your Vacation Home in Playa del Carmen 

10 March, 2018

5 Reasons to Buy Your Vacation Home in Playa del Carmen

If you’re thinking about investing in a turnkey vacation home that also offers great return on investment, look no farther than Playa del carmen real estate! To help explain why this is such a global hotspot for real estate investment, we have put together the following five reasons to invest in Playa del Carmen, which is one of the world’s top tourism destinations year after year.

5 Reasons to Buy Your Vacation Home in Playa del Carmen - Best Beaches in the Riviera Maya

1. Best Beaches in the Riviera Maya

As you might have already heard, Playa and the entire Riviera Maya region of Mexico is home to the best beaches in the world, with soft white sand that never gets hot and crystal clear turquoise water that stays warm all year round. The beaches are also a big part of what makes this area ideal for vacation home rentals and real estate investment. We love Mamitas beach in downtown Playa del Carmen, home to the ever-popular Mamitas Beach Club, as well as Shangri-La beach, which is also downtown and lies at the end of a cobblestone road at the Mahekal Beach Resort, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the beaches in the area, so don’t be afraid to branch out and visit Xpu-Ha or Maroma, which are both just 20 minutes outside of town. 

5 Reasons to Buy Your Vacation Home in Playa del Carmen - Close to Cancun International Airport

2. Close to Cancun International Airport 

One of the best things about Playa is that it lies less than one hour south of the Cancun International Airport, which offers hundreds of daily flights to major terminals around the world. This close proximity to the airport serves two purposes for Playa del Carmen real estate investors. First, it means you can easily fly back and forth from a primary residence anywhere in the world, but it also means Playa is very easy for tourists to access, which is one of the many reasons property values will never depreciate in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. 

5 Reasons to Buy Your Vacation Home in Playa del Carmen - 80-90% Annual Occupancy Rates

3. 80-90% Annual Occupancy Rates

Speaking of great return on investment, annual occupancy rates of 80-90 percent is another major reason real estate investment is booming in Playa. Right now, the demand for vacation rentals in the area is consistently greater than the supply of suitable properties, creating an ideal environment for real estate investing. In fact, the last five years have seen incredible growth in the number of visitors coming to this part of Mexico, and the World Tourism Organization predicts that this momentum will continue in 2018 and grow by 4-5 percent.

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5 Reasons to Buy Your Vacation Home in Playa del Carmen - Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida)

4. Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida)

One of the biggest draws in the Riviera Maya region for visitors and locals alike is Fifth Avenue, which is also known as Quinta Avenida, or just simply La Quinta in Spanish. This bustling pedestrian-only thoroughfare is located right in the heart of downtown Playa del Carmen just a few blocks from the beach and has developed an international reputation as a fantastic place to see and be seen while you enjoy some world-class shopping and dining.

5 Reasons to Buy Your Vacation Home in Playa del Carmen - Close to Ancient Mayan Ruins

5. Close to Ancient Mayan Ruins

Finally, no discussion about what makes this such an ideal place to invest in a vacation home would be complete without touching on Playa’s close proximity to a number of ancient Mayan archaeological sites. This includes the breathtaking seaside ruins of Tulum, the massive pyramid, great ball court and more at Chichen Itza, as well as a number of smaller pyramids and other ancient structures at Muyil and Cobá – which are all easily accessible in unforgettable day trips from Playa.

Have you ever been to Playa del Carmen? If so, where did you stay? Let us know in the comments!

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