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5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Mexico With Your IRA Account

28 June, 2018

5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Mexico With Your IRA Account

Buying real estate with an IRA account is one of the most effective and least known alternative investment strategies, offering the chance to diversify your retirement portfolio while accumulating tax-deferred income and securing a much-needed hedge against the evils of inflation. What’s more, investment properties that are located in a top vacation destination like Mexico’s Riviera Maya can provide reliable, proven annual returns of 8-14 percent, which beats what stocks can do over time while protecting your hard-earned assets from ongoing stock market volatility. Read on to see our top five reasons to buy real estate in Mexico with your IRA account right now!

1. Strong Vacation Home Rental Market

The real estate market in Mexico’s Riviera Maya is booming, with demand for luxury condos and vacation home rentals still outpacing supply, which means right now is an excellent time to invest in this rapidly growing beach destination. What’s more, Riviera Maya real estate still offers excellent value for buyers, with modern infrastructure and a variety of turnkey income-producing investment properties for sale in Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum that are approved for purchase with your IRA account and offered at prices that are still well-below what you will find in other top beach destinations in the Caribbean or United States. In addition, these innovative investment properties are completely turnkey, with all maintenance, marketing and rental concerns handled by an experienced property manager, making them ideal for purchase in your IRA account.

Strong Vacation Home Rental Market

2. Rapid Appreciation

Stretching for more than 80 miles along the Mexican Caribbean coast south of Cancun, the Riviera Maya real estate market provides rapid appreciation and property here will never depreciate, making it one of the world’s most attractive locations for investing. This is one of the world’s top 10 fastest-growing property markets according to the Financial Times, and prices have risen by at least one-third over the last five years, with demand rising exponentially as well, and sales increasing by more than 25 percent every year since 2015.

3. Secure, Proven Retirement Income

There are not many investments available today that can provide secure, proven annual return on investment of 8-14 percent, which is exactly what investors can expect from innovative new vacation home rentals in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Designed to provide a superior guest experience with personalized service, spacious modern units and luxurious surroundings, these turnkey investment properties are an ideal way to diversify your financial portfolio and get reliable, tax-deferred investment income deposited directly into your Self-Directed IRA account.

Secure, Proven Retirement Income

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4. Top Tourism Destination

Over the last decade, tourism numbers in the Riviera Maya have risen substantially, as more beach lovers around the world discover this Mexican Caribbean paradise. This has made the region ripe for real estate investment and a much better choice than buying investment property in a less popular locale. Home to a breathtaking variety of ancient Mayan ruins and other exciting activities you simply can’t find anywhere else, the Riviera Maya also boasts modern infrastructure, world-class international dining options, the very best shopping and luxury accommodations that are sure to please even the most seasoned travelers. This “perfect storm” keeps visitors coming back for more and is part of what ensures that property values will continue to rise along with growing demand.

Real Estate Gives You a Protection from Stock Market Volatility

5. Protection from Stock Market Volatility

Perhaps most importantly, buying Mexico real estate in your IRA account will protect assets from the threat posed by ongoing stock market volatility, which some analysts predict will wipe out recent gains and decimate portfolios over the coming months, largely due to countless factors that are beyond the control of average investors. Including alternative investments like income producing real estate in your IRA account will shelter your money from volatility in the stock market and allow you to plan for the future with a much greater degree of certainty.

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