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5 Reasons Playa del Carmen Condos Are Better Than Hotels

13 February, 2018

5 Reasons Playa del Carmen Condos Are Better Than Hotels

Considering the large number of all-inclusive hotels that can be found in Mexico’s Riviera Maya, some might wonder how Playa del Carmen condos and other types of vacation home rentals can compete? The answers, although simple, might surprise you! Read on to learn why Playa del Carmen condos for sale offer a better return on investment – and a better vacation experience – than hotels and big box resorts.

5 Reasons Playa del Carmen Condos Are Better Than Hotels - Getting a Local Perspective

1. Getting a Local Perspective 

It can be tough to justify paying out money for a nice dinner in town when you’ve already paid for a meal plan at a hotel. Whether you are a paying guest or own a condo that doubles as an income producing vacation rental, staying in a large hotel will likely limit the number of experiences you will have outside the resort walls. And while there are undoubtedly perks to having all of your food, drinks and entertainment in one place, you also lose something when you never venture out into the surrounding areas. 


5 Reasons Playa del Carmen Condos Are Better Than Hotels - More Space

2. More Space 

Whether you’re traveling with children, friends or just your partner, more space is always a good thing. The reality is that rooms in large hotels and resorts just don’t have as much square footage as luxury condos and vacation homes that are located in smaller developments. Although you probably won’t spend a lot of time in your room, the time you do spend there should be enjoyable. 


5 Reasons Playa del Carmen Condos Are Better Than Hotels - Less Money

3. Less Money

Sure, you will eat out at some of the local restaurants, but since many of the Playa del Carmen condos for sale and rent today come with fully-equipped kitchens and spacious dining areas, it’s also possible to enjoy some meals in the unit. Also, you won’t be paying for a bunch of services, amenities and activities you don’t even use, so the overall cost is likely to be less as well. At a boutique condo-hotel and residence development, the units permit owners and paying guests to tailor each visit to suit their own unique needs and wish list, which means you only pay for services and amenities you actually decide to use.

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5 Reasons Playa del Carmen Condos Are Better Than Hotels - Higher Return on Investment

4. Higher Return on Investment

The return on investment is also higher for owners and paying guests in a smaller condo development than it is with other types of Playa del Carmen real estate. For owners, much of this has to do with the massive time commitment that comes with owning a larger hotel or even a standalone vacation home. By contrast, most of the Playa de Carmen condos for sale on the market today will pay for themselves over time and offer stress-free ownership, thanks to the help of professional property management teams that are dedicated to getting the best vacation rental returns for each unit and handle everything from paying the utilities to any maintenance issues that might come up. From a visitor’s standpoint, the return on investment is also much higher, since they get to enjoy a larger unit of better quality, with personalized service and a more customized experience for less.


5 Reasons Playa del Carmen Condos Are Better Than Hotels - Services & Amenities

5. Services & Amenities 

We’ve already touched on this, but it’s important enough to discuss in greater detail and here’s why: Playa’s condo-hotels – which are basically luxury condos that serve as both vacation home rentals and private residences – might not have the overwhelming list of offerings you can expect to find at big-box resorts, but whatever they do offer is most likely amazing. Furthermore, the concierge will be more than happy to help with anything you need that’s not already on the list of offerings – just ask! From custom spa days that are tailored to your needs, to private tours of ancient Mayan ruins, to reservations at the best restaurant in downtown Playa del Carmen – you are more likely to get hands-on attention to detail at a boutique condo hotel than at a huge resort.

Have you ever chosen to stay in a luxury condo instead of a hotel? Share your story in the comments!

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