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5 Benefits the KASA Investment Fund Offers for Real Estate Investors

16 July, 2019

5 Benefits the KASA Investment Fund Offers for Real Estate Investors

The KASA Hotel Collection, a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, is offering a real estate investment fund that allows investors to own shares in a diversified portfolio of luxury beachfront hotels that, upon opening, will generate annual returns of 12-15 percent or higher. In addition, your principal investment is secured against the real estate and all other assets of the company, which buys and pays for all land and construction up front in cash, incurring zero debt.

The KASA Investment Fund offers a number of distinctive benefits for owners in the form of a unique lifestyle investment that provides reliable income from rapidly appreciating assets, with a secure, recession-proof and well-diversified portfolio of luxury branded beachfront hotels and resorts located throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. All of the properties are debt-free, making this one of the safest investments available, and shareholders and their families also get to take advantage of the many benefits and discounts that come with being an owner of luxury beachfront hotels. By investing in the KASA Fund, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning real estate without the headaches!

Benefits of the KASA Investment Fund

The Benefits of the KASA Investment Fund:

  1. 100% Secure Real Estate Investment
  2. Excellent Return on Investment
  3. Impressive Ownership Benefits
  4. Invest Using Funds in Your IRA Account
  5. Earn Ongoing Tax-Free Retirement Income

Here are details about the five unique benefits the Fund offers real estate investors: 

1. 100% Secure Real Estate Investment

The KASA Investment Fund is 100 percent secure and recession-proof, offering a unique opportunity to participate in the growing global hospitality and tourism industry by investing in the world’s hottest vacation destinations without the unnecessary stress of directly owning and managing properties. What’s more, investors’ capital is totally secured against all assets of the Fund, which includes luxury beachfront properties acquired below market value in up-and-coming markets, so once construction is complete the development is immediately worth more than the original capital investment.

2. Excellent Real Estate Return on Investment

Designed to provide secure, ongoing returns of 12-15 percent or higher, all properties owned by the Fund will appreciate at a premium rate because they are in premium locations, thereby ensuring maximum ongoing ROI. Management also keeps operational costs to a minimum by implementing smart purchasing and cost-sharing strategies across all properties. The Fund purchases only premium land in up-and-coming destinations, building luxury hotels that will quickly increase in value by 30-50 percent immediately after construction is complete.

KASA Investment Fund Offers Excellent Real Estate Return on Investment

3. Impressive Ownership Benefits

In addition to these impressive real estate investment benefits, the KASA Fund also gives shareholders the advantage of vacationing at the hotels with family and friends at cost, along with deep discounts at on-site restaurants and bars. As a member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the KASA Hotel Collection properties offer a fabulous lifestyle experience at an exceptional value, featuring sustainable practices and thoughtful, high-impact design, with world-class services and amenities including unforgettable and highly personalized local experiences. The boutique hotels and resorts also offer signature spa and wellness treatments with refreshing on-site restaurant and bar options and spacious, well-appointed units that are designed to feel more like staying in a good friend’s private condo or beach house than a typical resort or hotel.

4. Invest in Real Estate Using Funds in Your IRA Account

Most investors realize that having an IRA is an important part of almost any successful retirement plan, but many still don’t know that you can hold different types of real estate investments in your IRA account, including real estate assets like the KASA Investment Fund! Buying shares of a real estate investment fund with your IRA offers an impressive list of benefits, including essential diversification for your financial portfolio, protection from stock market volatility and a hedge against inflation.

Invest Using Real Estate Funds in Your IRA Account

5. Earn Ongoing Tax-Free Retirement Income

Another benefit of buying an income-producing real estate investment like the KASA Fund with money in your IRA account is the ability to earn secure, ongoing tax-deferred income for retirement. And since future tax increases are most certainly on the horizon, investors can also benefit from the ability to lock in their current tax rate when returns are deposited into the IRA account.

The goal of the KASA Investment Fund is to provide exciting ownership benefits and excellent return on investment in the form of ongoing income, along with essential portfolio diversification and protection from stock market volatility. The KASA Investment Fund was designed for investors who need retirement income they can rely on and are sick of depending only on the often low and unreliable returns offered by the stock market, bonds and mutual funds.

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