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4 Secrets to Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investment

09 September, 2017

4 Secrets to Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investment

Yes, the Playa del Carmen real estate market is still booming, offering a fantastic opportunity for savvy buyers who know how to determine which investment properties are in demand. For buyers who don’t plan to live in Playa full time, turnkey vacation home rentals in this part of the Mexican Caribbean offer one of the best ways to make money in Mexico through investment properties. 



Here are four reasons Playa del Carmen real estate investment should be a part of your portfolio, no matter what your investment advisor recommends.

1. Large Expat Community

Playa is home to a large (and always growing) community of expats from around the world who live here full or part time, which means vacationers benefit from their international influence throughout the area. This means tourists can easily get around and do whatever they wish, even if English is the only language they speak. It also means that the area is home to modern infrastructure and a variety of services and amenities that offer visitors access to many of the luxuries they are used to enjoying back home.

4 Secrets to Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investment

2. Excellent Return on Investment

This one pretty much speaks for itself! The Riviera Maya is known for its strength as a tourism destination, as well as its overall safety and security, which has led to a strong market with virtually no chance of depreciation. This will become very apparent as you analyze Playa del Carmen real estate investing opportunities that are designed to offer excellent return on investment, as well as provide a fabulous place to vacation each year.

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3. Affordability

Despite the city’s cosmopolitan Old World feel and easy access to ultra-modern infrastructure, Playa del Carmen real estate is still highly affordable, especially when compared to other similar beachfront investment properties in towns throughout the Caribbean and anywhere along the coast in the United States, Europe or the Mediterranean. In fact, Mexico is the only place that offers high quality beachfront property, as well as plenty of amazing income producing investments like luxury condos and vacation home rentals located just moments away from the Mexican Caribbean, at a price point that is within what most investors can afford. 

4 Secrets to Playa del Carmen Real Estate Investment

4. Accessibility

Finally, accessibility goes hand in hand with affordability and looking for income-producing investments like vacation home rentals can be challenging, especially when you’re still trying to narrow down where on Earth to buy! One of the major draws of the Mexican Caribbean, which includes Cancun and stretches along the Riviera Maya coast through Playa, Puerto Aventuras and Tulum, is its easy accessibility for visitors, especially those traveling back and forth from the United States and Canada. With the Cancun International Airport nearby and a well-maintained major highway connecting each of these cities, getting to and from turnkey vacation rentals will be a breeze for you and for other guests.

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