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4 Reasons Tulum Real Estate Investment is Safer Than the Stock Market

12 April, 2018

4 Reasons Tulum Real Estate Investment is Safer Than the Stock Market

With the skyrocketing popularity of Tulum real estate over the last decade has come a new wave of innovative investment properties that are designed to provide stable, ongoing ROI and serve as an attractive alternative to ongoing stock market volatility. If you’re looking for a safe investment that offers great returns, portfolio diversification and stable, tax-deferred income, read on!

Investing in Tulum is Safe

First, it’s essential to establish that yes, Tulum is safe! In fact, Mexico’s entire Riviera Maya region – which stretches for 80 miles along the Caribbean coast just south of Cancun and includes Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras Cozumel and Tulum – is actually much safer than many major U.S. cities, according to the U.S. State Department. But beyond the basic concerns of physical safety, it’s also important to understand that buying real estate in Tulum is a much safer bet than gambling on the stock market. As one of the world’s top tourism destinations, the demand for luxury accommodations is far outpacing supply in Tulum with no signs of slowing down, which has created the opportunity to collect unbeatable investment property rental income.

4 Reasons Tulum Real Estate Investment is Safer Than the Stock Market - Investing in Tulum is Safe

Portfolio Diversification

Any halfway decent investment advisor will tell you one major key to financial success is portfolio diversification, but all too often those same individuals will avoid recommending real estate investment over stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It’s important to understand this reluctance has nothing to do with ROI or asset performance, but instead typically results from the fact that most financial advisors can’t earn a commission if they advise you to consider real estate investing. Still, for too many Americans financial stability remains elusive, yet turnkey real estate – especially in a top vacation destination like Tulum – offers a fantastic alternative and a way to achieve true portfolio diversification that will protect your hard-earned assets from continued stock market volatility.

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8-14% Return on Investment

Of course, it really all comes down to making money… And as it turns out, Tulum is also pretty incredible at providing much better annual returns than you can expect to see from traditional assets, to the tune of 8-14 percent return on investment (conservatively) from our turnkey luxury condo developments. And with major news outlets like Bloomberg warning that “the next 10 years will be ugly for your 401(k)”, and pointing out that “a typical balanced fund with 60 percent stocks and 40 percent bonds has zero chance of returning 5 percent or more over the next 10 years”, it has never been more urgent to consider alternative investments like Tulum real estate than it is right now if you want to enjoy a secure financial future.

4 Reasons Tulum Real Estate Investment is Safer Than the Stock Market - 8-14% Return on Investment

Tax-Deferred Income

Another huge benefit to investing in Tulum real estate instead of the stock market involves enjoying tax-deferred growth and income when you buy with an IRA account. And yes, it is perfectly legal to buy real estate with your retirement account! When you buy property with an IRA, taxes are delayed as long as the money is kept in the account, even when you earn massive amounts of rental income or sell a property for substantial gains, which can also help you earn a much greater after-tax return on your income producing property.

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