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4 Essential Standards for Mexico Vacation Home Rentals

14 February, 2017


If you’re ready to buy a luxury condo or standalone vacation home near the beach in Mexico, it’s essential to properly manage the rental if you want to make money, and that begins with making sure these four critical standards are met before you invest. Although a property’s individuality can be one of the strongest attributes of a turnkey vacation rental, if you are striving to achieve a significant level of guaranteed rental income, it’s also essential to create a standard level of services and amenities designed to keep guests coming back time after time for warm winter vacations or summertime soirees!

Here are our four essential standards for vacation home rentals that every buyer needs to read before they invest in Mexico!


Safety is key for successfully managing Mexico vacation home rentals, regardless of whether the property is a house or a luxury beach condo. If you’re going to invest in Mexico real estate, make sure the property is in a safe and secure area for visitors, because they might not notice when the rental is safe, but you can rest assured they will notice if it isn’t!

For starters, it kind of goes without saying that you need to make sure the Mexico vacation home you are renting out is located in a safe, highly desirable neighborhood. In addition, you need to ensure all safety regulations are followed, including a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and other areas where a hazard could exist, as well as walkways that are well-lit and stable, since oversights in these areas can create real liability problems. Also, make sure all doors and windows have working locks, keep a first aid kit in each bathroom and confirm that all fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are up to code and the batteries are changed regularly.

In addition, all walkways and stairs should be clear and easy to navigate, while outdoor trees and other landscaping should be neatly trimmed to avoid obstruction. Whether you work with a professional team or handle everything yourself, part of successfully managing vacation home rentals includes doing a walk-thru before new guests arrive to ensure the vacation home is ready.


While this might seem like a no-brainer, cleanliness is all too often overlooked by well-meaning property owners who overlook critical areas and/or don’t follow up to ensure the property manager or cleaning crew is doing a thorough job. Since the majority of guest complaints tend to involve a lack of cleanliness in their vacation home rental, this task is absolutely essential if you want to encourage repeat visitors. 

One of the toughest truths about cleanliness in turnkey vacation rentals is that it only takes one thing going wrong to ruin the entire guest experience. For example, what if your cleaning crew does a wonderful job 99 percent of the time, but for some reason leaves behind a tub full of dirty water, or a bag of trash that draws roaches and creates a terrible stench? You’ll definitely be contending with a cleanliness complaint.


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Fortunately, there’s a simple fix for this - simply make sure someone trustworthy does a walk through before guests arrive every time to eliminate this possibility. When scheduling a walk through, just make sure you leave enough time to take care of any issues before the guests are scheduled to arrive.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we just can’t stress enough that your Mexico vacation home rental should be 100 percent guest-ready before the scheduled arrival date. For example, if your guests have trouble accessing the property, or crucial elements like the Internet, air conditioning, home alarm or hot water heater don’t work properly, chances are you’ll be fielding refund requests and your guests won’t be returning a second or third time.

As you might have guessed by now, the best way to ensure that your Mexico vacation home rental is totally ready for guests is to conduct a walk-through before they arrive. Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are stocked and ready with basic amenities, double-check the method of entry, ensure all lights are functioning and appliances are in good order.

When conducting a walk-through, we also recommend using this time to leave a personalized welcome touch, such as a note or small gift – these goodwill gestures will go a long way to building a lasting vacation home rental client. Finally, scheduling regular property maintenance will also create a second line of defense to help keep the property ready for guests at all times.


In today’s competitive market, advertising is one of the most important elements of successfully managing vacation home rentals in Mexico, or anywhere else for that matter! Working with a professional property management team can really help your property’s visibility online, but it’s equally important that the vacation home or luxury condo appear as it is advertised.

Next to cleanliness, one of the most common complaints about vacation rentals among guests tend to happen when the property doesn’t look like it did in the photos they saw online or in a brochure. This can generate unhappy comments on social media and negative reviews on the website they found your property on, so make sure that everything from the décor to the colors of the interior and exterior are properly represented.

One trick to ensure guests will be happy is to stage the vacation home to match the images on the advertisement. For example, if the curtains are open, make sure they are open for the guests’ arrival, or stage the dining room table with plates and flatware if that’s how it looked. Taking a few extra minutes to stage your Mexico vacation home rental property can go a long way toward eliciting a positive review from happy guests who feel content that they “got what they paid for.”

Finally, regardless of whether you manage the vacation home rental property yourself or work with a professional management team, make sure you have a back-up plan in place, so the pre-rental walk through definitely happens. This simple step can truly be the “make or break” essential element to successfully managing vacation home rentals, that will have you making money in Mexico real estate before you know it!

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