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Election Hype Driving You Nuts? Now is the Best Time to Escape to Mexico!

17 November, 2016

Whether your candidate won or lost in the recent U.S. election,chances are you’re ready for a break from all the bickering that’s still coming from both sides of the aisle. As Forbes pointed out,Mexico is an amazing destination for any traveler and now that the peso has hit an all-time low against the U.S. dollar,your money will go farther than ever when you head south of the border.

“While the dollar has been strong for travelers lately with recent highs against the Euro and British Pound,this is different,a truly historic event,” wrote Forbes. “There has literally never been a better time to travel to Mexico.” 

Of course,it’s not just about the money. Travel to Mexico – heck,even retirement in Mexico and/or simply living full or part time in a place like Cancun,Playa del Carmen or Tulum – always has a long list of benefits. For one thing,it’s close enough for many U.S. visitors to come for a long weekend,but it’s also brimming with countless exciting adventures for as long as you wish to stay.

“There’s no more time change in this country and no more jet lag,” wrote Forbes. “But most of all,it has numerous excellent vacation destinations for every taste.”

Riviera Maya

Home to ever-popular destinations like Playa del Carmen,Puerto Aventuras,Cozumel and Tulum,Mexico’s Riviera Maya lies just south of Cancun along the Caribbean Sea,with more than 80 miles of stunning beachfront real estate to behold.

“This coastal stretch of the Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico’s east coast is not just one of the country’s best vacation spots,it’s one of the best on earth,” wrote Forbes.

After all,where else can travelers experience so much in such an accessible location? From the many awe inspiring examples of ancient Mayan ruins in places like Tulum,Coba,Chichen Itza,to the world’s most beautiful beaches and second largest barrier reef,this part of Mexico is home to some of the best beachfront real estate in the world. Available activities include snorkeling,diving,fishing and other watersports,as well as a wide variety of cultural attractions,eco-friendly adventures,inland cenote swimming and some of the world’s most amazing championship golf courses. The hotels here are pretty amazing too,whether you’re looking for five-star luxury,an all-inclusive option or a boutique beachfront eco-hotel,the real estate in Mexico’s Riviera Maya has you covered.

“You can do nothing or you can occupy every minute of every day,all close to a modern airport with lots of flights,” Forbes wrote.

Cabo San Lucas

Also known as “Los Cabos,” in reference to the adjacent towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo,this region of Mexico is located on the tip of the west coast’s Baja Peninsula. Sometimes called “Mexico’s Hawaii,” Cabo is also one of the most upscale parts of the country and is home to amazing luxury resorts and some of the best golf courses in the world.

“Equally acclaimed is the sport fishing,and there are all sorts of on-shore and offshore outdoor activities,plus amazing spas,restaurants and more,” wrote Forbes.

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