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First Apple Retail Stores to Open in Mexico

31 August, 2016

In January, Apple CEO Tim Cook tweeted (en español) that his company was excited to be moving abroad and had made a major real estate investment for the grand opening of Apple’s first stores in Mexico this year.

“Hello Mexico,”  Cook’s tweet translates to say in English. “Happy to open a shop soon in your country!” 

According to c|net, progress on Apple’s brand new Mexico City store was spotted recently by blog sites MacRumors and AppleInsider, who released photos that show the typical Apple-style black construction barrier. The store will finally allow locals to test drive – and buy in Mexico – all of the newest Apple products; just another of the many services and amenities one can expect to have while living in Mexico. The new Apple store is reportedly located on the upper level of Centro Santa Fe in Mexico City, which is the largest shopping mall in Latin America according to MacRumors and a prime piece of Mexico real estate.

“The Santa Fe store is expected to be equipped with the necessary space for a Genius Bar, custom wooden cabinets for accessories, the usual wooden tables to display products,and an abundant amount of floor space,” wrote AppleInsider. “No date has been revealed for the store’s opening, though an announcement could come within the next two months, according to ‘people familiar with the matter.’” 

Currently, Apple products are only available to consumers in some countries via dedicated websites and often unreliable third-party retailers; products they can’t yet buy in Mexico. Opening an Apple store in the heart of prime Mexico real estate will help Apple continue building wealth and ultimately provide a handsome return on investment for the new services and amenities the store will provide.

“A source familiar with Apple’s plans said Mexico City will be home to two Apple Stores,including a ‘global flagship’ similar in scale to Apple’s Union Square Flagship in San Francisco,”  wrote AppleInsider. “A second Mexico City outlet is being planned as a large standalone structure strategically positioned in an affluent shopping district,a build on par with recent international flagship stores in China and the U.S.” 

Additional information indicates that Apple intends to make another major real estate investment in Guadalajara and a fourth in Monterrey, where many expats and business leaders are already living in Mexico and eager for high-end services and amenities.

“Apple is looking to Latin America as a potential growth market,” wrote AppleInsider. “Apple is assembling a team from its existing workforce to spearhead the Mexican retail project.”

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