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Richard Houghton Mexico Talks About Why Cancun Real Estate Is Booming

03 July, 2016

“Real estate in Cancun is having a major boom and is attracting millions of dollars in new investments to the region,including Mexico’s Riviera Maya,” stated Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. 

In fact,according to the Mexican Association of Realtors (AMPI),more than $30 million dollars has poured into Cancun in recent months alone – a trend that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. In addition,Cancun has registered average growth in recent years of around 26 percent annually. 

“There is legal certainty to invest,the authorities take a very active role,in fact the subject of certainty is no longer an issue; everyone complies with their role and that makes things defined,” wrote the Yucatan Times.

Of course,there’s much more to buying property in Mexico than first meets the eye,and this is true whether you’re looking at real estate in Cancun,the Riviera Maya,Cabo San Lucas or Puerto Vallarta,to name only a few of Mexico’s most popular expat destinations.

“Owning property in Mexico is a big dream for many people who have visited some of our country’s most beautiful cities,” Houghton shared. “And since you don’t have to be a resident to own property here,there is no need to fully immigrate or even qualify for full-time resident status in order to invest in property in Mexico.”

The best way to ensure that your Mexico real estate transactions go smoothly is to work with a trusted professional like the property experts at Investment Properties Mexico. He or she can easily guide you through the entire buying process,which involves setting up a bank trust – known as a fideicomiso – that is governed by federal law and is applied to properties located within the restricted zone (all lands within 64 miles of an international border and 32 miles from the coastline at high tide. 

“The fideicomiso also offers buyers added protections because the bank is required by law to verify that the property is available for a transfer of ownership and free of all liens,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “The trust is established for a 50-year period and is always renewable every 50 years.”

Investment Properties Mexico also helps to oversee the services of a notary public for our clients,and we work with experienced English-speaking Mexican attorneys to create clarity in our real estate transactions.

When are you coming for a tour to learn more about living in Mexico? 

Investment Properties Mexico is the best resource for would-be expats who want to relocate to Mexico! Our trusted real estate professionals have the necessary experience to guide our clients through every step of the buying and investment process. Investment Properties Mexico is also a 100% Buyer-Agent Brokerage firm,which means we always represent you,the buyer,never the seller,in real estate transaction. Contact us today and discover how to safely invest in Mexico real estate.