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Year of Germany’ Celebrates Activities and Programs to Strengthen Ties

06 June, 2016

The theme “Alliance for the Future” marks a visit from German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier,who is part of a delegation in Mexico to celebrate a year of more than 1,000 individual events and 120 projects in 13 Mexican cities that are designed to strengthen ties between the two countries,wrote Deutsche Welle.

“A concert by the German and Mexican youth philharmonic orchestras in Mexico City is being held during Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier’s visit to Mexico to mark the ‘Year of Germany in Mexico.”

According to the article,the forward-thinking initiative was conceptualized to strengthen cultural,economic,educational,scientific and tourism relations between Germany and Mexico; an effort that has already been in the works for several years. Events will include “The Beautiful Language of the Maya,” coming to the Gropius Bau Museum in Berlin,as well as an exhibition by German expressionist painter Otto Dix coming to Mexico City’s National Museum of Art. Both exhibits aim to give greater visibility to German-Mexico relations after Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto visited Berlin during April to kick off the start of a yearlong series of events. 

On Sunday,Steinmeier visited the pre-Aztec city of Teotihuacan,which lies about 30 miles from downtown Mexico City and dates back to the 1st millennium AD,when it was the largest city in the pre-Columbian Americas. The site is still under excavation and archaeologists recently discovered a tunnel with enormous monolithic green stones under the Temple of the Moon,which is the largest structure in Teotihuacan. 

“Germany and Mexico cooperate across a range of issues at the bilateral and international level,” wrote Deutsche Welle. “Germany is Mexico’s fifth-largest trading partner,and Mexico is a major center of investment and production of German automobiles.” 

Mexican professor of math and computer science Raul Rojas,who is currently teaching at the Free University of Berlin,is also contributing to the ‘Year Of Germany In Mexico’ initiative. His team will develop scale models of self-driving cars for 10 Mexican universities and both sides will work to further develop this cutting-edge technology,which aims to increase cooperation among the Mexican and German automotive industries. 

“Mexico is a major center of investment for the German economy in the region,not to mention a vital center of production for the German automobile industry,” wrote Deutsche Welle. “German automakers Audi,BMW and Volkswagen have invested heavily in Mexico to the point that more cars are manufactured here than in France,Italy and the UK combined.”

In addition,more than 1,200 German firms already operate throughout Mexico,providing around 120,000 jobs.

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