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Discover San Miguel de Allende,Mexico’s Best-Known,Little-Known Town

03 January, 2016

Sure,there are plenty of expat real estate havens along Mexico’s considerable tropical shorelines,but there are also places located inland that have much to offer,such as San Miguel de Allende,which lies in Mexico’s Colonial Highlands.

“Even among colonial towns,San Miguel de Allende is famous,” writes International Living in a recent article. “Colorful,well-preserved colonial buildings line its streets,and fountains tinkle in the quiet squares.”

The brightly colored doorways open to shops that are overflowing with gorgeous handmade textiles,tin lamps,artwork and pottery. The town is filled with cool stone passageways leading to open-air patio restaurants with upstairs terraces that provide gorgeous views of the city by day or night. Also,when it comes to meeting other expats while living full or part time overseas,San Miguel de Allende ranks right up there with the Riviera Maya,Lake Chapala,Merida and Puerto Vallarta,to name only a few.

“Thousands of expats choose to live [in San Miguel] either full or part time,” writes International Living. “Many of them are retirees,but many others run businesses,shops,restaurants,hotels and B&Bs,art galleries and online businesses.”

Of course,the town is also attractive to many types of artists who come here and fall in love with its beauty. From painters and sculptors to writers and even the occasional well-known actor,it’s not uncommon to see creative types milling about or hard at work in their shops. Of course,this is in addition to the many,many local artists,artisans and craftspeople,who share skills often handed down through the generations.

The eclectic community makes it easy to get by on English and broken Spanish,while the low cost of living has enabled many expats to live in what most would call “colonial splendor.” In fact,many of the colonial-style buildings in San Miguel de Allende have been converted into single-family homes,condos or villas.

“Despite the town’s popularity,it’s still affordable to buy or rent here,” writes International Living. “Large properties right in the historic center will cost a pretty penny. But smaller homes and condos in the centro histórico,and properties as little as a 10 to 15-minute walk away from it,will fit most budgets.”

It’s also important to know that San Miguel is very popular among snowbirds,who live here only part-time,as well as with tourists,who come for the art and sheer beauty of Mexico’s Colonial Highlands. This equates to a nice availability of rentals year round,making it easy to find a comfortable place to stay while searching for the perfect residence.

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