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Big Investments are Coming to Riviera Maya

30 November, 2015

The Riviera Maya remains the main tourism center of the country,with two new investments that include the Kanai complex,which encompasses hotels like the St. Regis,W and Hyatt Park,which amounted to new investments of around $1.2 billion dollars.

Also,the new additions to the Riviera Maya’s Mayakoba complex brought in another new investment totaling more than $1.2 billion dollars. The project is scheduled to be completed by OHL and will include a variety of middle and high-dollar real estate.

Perhaps most importantly,the new investments coming to this part of Quintana Roo are geared to serve tourists of high purchasing power.

Interestingly,this finding ties with recent announcements from the Mexico Tourism Ministry. According to Enrique de la Madrid, Mexico is one of the ten most-visited countries in the world.

“We must invest in tourism services and more affluent hotels. In addition,investments in the Riviera Maya should be given to protecting the environment. And they understand that there is an added value for tourists. And,of course,there will be more services.”

No one lives only on sun and beach,although,as we know,these things remain the most important part of the Riviera Maya’s appeal. Additional services for the region include world-class golf,stunning real estate developments,plenty of entertainment options (click here to read about the Riviera Maya’s permanent Cirque du Soleil dinner theatre) and a strong environmental policy. 

It’s also important to note that the Riviera Maya has more total rooms than Cancun. Specifically,Cancun has about 42,000 rooms,compared with 200,000 from the Riviera Maya (if you take Tulum and Puerto Morelos into account).

In recent years,the Riviera Maya has become a tourist destination transformed into a magnet for tourism with more purchasing power.

The Riviera Maya no longer has a low season,revealed the mayor of Solidarity,Gongora Mauricio Escalante,who said,"We have 85% annual average occupation."

Now the challenge is to plan for additional hotels and other properties and real estate geared toward the growing local population. Gongora also said they are regulating land,building parks (some specifically for pets) and,of course,providing state-of-the-art health services and education.

The biggest focus for the local government is continued strategic planning for good tourist development throughout the Riviera Maya,in order to protect the natural environment and continue to provide new services for the growing local population.

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