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Mexico is poised to rise 3 places in the World Tourism Organization

25 November, 2015

Mexico is poised to climb at least three places in the ranking of world tourism in 2015,from tenth to seventh place. The numbers were boosted by the arrival of a growing number of international tourists between January and September,which rose by 9.2 percent.

Gerardo Herrera,professor of tourism at the Universidad Iberoamericana,explained that Mexico recorded strong growth in international tourist arrivals,prompting Latin America’s second largest economy to climb at least three positions in the ranking of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Between the months of January and September of 2015,the number of international tourists in Mexico rose by 9.2 percent compared to the same period last year,standing at 23 million 361 thousand passengers,according to the Bank of Mexico.

In 2014,the country ranked in tenth place,with an arrival record of 29.3 million international visitors.

This is exactly the kind of change that will boost Mexico in the ranking of the World Tourism Organization. As a destination,the country offers greater value for travelers,resulting in a major growth in the number of visitors for 2015. At the same time,the exact opposite situation exists in Europe,where the constant threat of terrorist attacks is having a negative impact on tourism.

According to Agustín González,president of the National Association of Travel Agents,Mexico is poised to rise at least three places in the ranking for the World Tourism Organization,as colder temperatures cause many tourists,especially travelers from North America,to head south,where the beautiful beaches of Mexico await.

"The sun and beaches attract more travelers to the country,that can catapult Mexico with the arrival of more Americans and Europeans,further boosting tourism and possibly overtaking Germany," González said.

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