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Senators Say USA Should Accept Part Of Drug War Blame

17 November, 2015

At a special US Senate committee meeting on Tuesday,Senators said that,as well
as Mexico,the USA is to blame for the escalation of the 'drug war' on the
US-Mexico border.

In a hearing of the Senate judiciary subcommittee on
crime and drugs and the Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control,
legislators and experts said that the US Government's lack of attention to
decades of drug use in the USA has played a central role in the

The Los Angeles Times,
said,"For years,elected officials in Washington portrayed Mexico as being
largely responsible for the problems spawned by the increasingly powerful crime
syndicates -- and for fixing them."

A significant number at the meeting
also said that the US government's failure to prevent money-laundering and the
export of weapons from the USA to Mexico had exacerbated efforts to prevent
drug-trafficking from Latin American countries,via Mexico,into the

Chairman of the subcommittee,Senator Richard J. Durbin,said,"The
insatiable demand for illegal drugs in the United States keeps the Mexican drug
cartels in business" and that sustained cross-border co-operation is

Earlier in the week,President Obama said that drugs are going
north and the USA is sending money and arms south. He confirmed on Wednesday
that he would visit Mexican President Calderon in April to discuss the

Calderon has already said that some of the responsibility lies
with the US Government,pointing out that Mexcico's northern neighbor is the
biggest consumer of drugs and supplier of weapons in the world.