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Mexico Investment: Slim Says Time Is Right

17 November, 2015

Mexico investment and telecommunications
tycoon,Carlos Slim,said this week that now is "the moment to invest" in

Slim -- the world's third-wealthiest man,according to Forbes
magazine -- praised the Mexican government's economic policies and said the
favorable exchange rate,low interest rates and promotion of fiscal stability,
all add up to make for a great opportunity to invest in Mexico.

On the
sidelines of an art event in Mexico City,the 69 year old Mexican billionaire,
said,"In this situation,the company that invests gets stronger than the
company that does not invest ... I don’t have a doubt it's the moment to

Slim's comments come at the end of a year that has already seen
a raft of foreign businesses commit billions in
and he explained that the central bank's all time low interest
rate has increased the availability of cheap credit.

This,coupled with
the weaker peso,helps exporters,making Mexico investment extremely

The interest rate has been maintained at a record low of 4.5
percent for four months by the Mexican central bank,as the government seeks to
encourage Mexico investment and growth without driving up inflation.

Mexican peso has also dropped 16 percent against the US dollar in the past two
years,making goods manufactured in Mexico and exported to the U.S. much

Equally,real estate in Mexico offers excellent investment
opportunities right now too,as you will see from our 10 reasons to buy Mexico real
estate in 2010.
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