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Mexico’s Digital Media Startups Are Changing The Future Of Journalism

11 November, 2015

As Mexico emerges as Latin America’s new leading hub of digital journalism,the global media market has much to learn about how traditional news organizations worldwide are losing ground due to turbulent financial conditions and unstable markets. Forbes reported.

“Many of Mexico’s most prestigious journalists are jumping ship,preferring to build their own digital news start-ups and navigate the difficult waters on their own,” writes Forbes.

Notable newbies from Mexico’s latest generation of digital news start-ups include SinEmbargo,El Daily Post,Horizontal,Chiapas Paralelo,Animal Politico and Emeequis. To give you an idea of just how successful these standouts can be,Director of Content Rita Varela from SinEmbargo recently told Forbes contributor Nathaniel Parish Flannery that the site is pulling in between 17 to 18 million unique visitors each month.

The strategy for success among startups like SinEmbargo involves smart utilization of social media outlets,which helps the sites connect with readers who prefer to get news from phones and tablets.

“We’ve gotten a good response,” Varela stated. “We have high-quality readers; young people,students,graduates,professionals,politicians,business people and social leaders. It’s the cream of the crop. We have a very elite profile of readers.”

In addition,a recent study published by Columbia University’s Anya Schiffrin explained that Mexico’s new media market – much like those that are emerging in other developed nations – is representative of the current mix of encouraging trends and ominous threats we are seeing in the world today. Mexico is already firmly ensconced as the leader of Latin America’s media sector and produces the region’s best magazines,movies,newspapers and television shows. Still,despite the success stories of publications like Chilango,a culture and political mag based in Mexico City and public policy magazine Nexos,Mexico can also be one of the most challenging places to practice journalism due to threats from heavy-handed politicians and other special interest groups.

“In a market where one TV company,Televisa,dominates the broadcast TV market,a new generation of digital media start-ups is playing an increasingly important role in Mexico’s political life,” writes Forbes.

The challenge – as always – is that the reach for editorial independence goes directly against many of the basic business needs of local media startups,making advertising money harder to come by. In fact,the need to generate ad revenue while engaging in other forms of critical analysis is a cold hard fact that is recognized by digital media entrepreneurs worldwide.

“While many publications are eschewing government funding,they are also struggling to attract interest from the private sector,” writes Forbes.

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