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Construction Tender Of New Bridge Over Cancun’s Bojorquez Lagoon

18 October, 2015

Mexican construction company ICA (Ingenieros Civiles Asociados) and the Spanish consortium OHL (Obrascón Huarte Lain) are the two companies that have signed up to participate in the bidding process for the construction of the bridge over Cancun’s Bojorquez Lagoon.

No later than the end of February 2016,the National Fund for Tourism Development (FONATUR),will launch the invitation to tender for the the Bojorquez lagoon bridge in Cancun,which was authorized by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) 

Both companies have already submitted preliminary documentation and lack only the official signature to participate in the tender process,once the call is released centrally.

ICA has said its main letter covers the specialty of marine works,and highlights the reconstruction of the Naval Military seventh zone in Isla Mujeres in 2005. Meanwhile,OHL has its main support in the Quintana Roo Mayakoba City project and its partnership with Vinte group for the creation of Cirque du Soleil in the northern part of Quintana Roo. Both companies will have to comply with the requirements established by SEMARNAT.

From the outset,the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) commissioned and approved by FONATUR,establishes the bridge to be 1,260 meters long,have approximately 28 columns and four lanes,raised from five to six meters about Cancun’s Bojorquez Lagoon. The project authorization key 23QR2014V0009 Benito Juarez will mitigate the environmental impact by creating 30 green islands with mangrove vegetation. 

A strategic plan for prevention,mitigation,compensation and restoration of any damage to the environment under a program that will be strictly monitored,includes relocation of wildlife management islets,mangrove afforestation,water quality,waste management and possible emergencies. The authorization assigned a fixed term of leave of six to 50 years. 

The work will be managed by Governor Roberto Borge and supported by the federal government. It will open traffic on the Bojorquez Lagoon,which spans 124.21 thousand hectares of the Nichupte lagoon system,now damaged by traffic and intensive land use.

Each of the bridge’s four lanes will measure 3.5 meters,plus two external berms that are a half-meter each and a central separating strip of 2.6 meters for a total of almost twenty meters wide in its central part. The budget for this work is 800 million pesos that are already included in the National Infrastructure Plan presented by the federal government. 

In the PNI the Nichupte bridge project was also included but not yet approved. This project would involve an investment of around $3 billion pesos and cross the largest lagoon to link the city with the Hotel Zone.