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Tulum Real Estate Land Banking: Buying in the Path of Growth

19 August, 2015

Land banking has long been hailed as one of the best wealth building and investment strategies available, and is where many of the world’s richest people are keeping their cash. Land banking is the ingenious practice of purchasing raw land with the intent to hold onto it until it is profitable to sell for more than what was originally paid. Sounds simple enough, right? So what’s the catch?

Although there really is no catch, it can be tricky to find land at a good price in the path of substantial growth, which is how to make money in land banking. That’s why the land we currently have available in Tulum real estate, Mexico, presents such an amazing opportunity. 

At just $25,000 per hectare,Investment Properties Mexico is now offering Mayan land for sale at an incredible wholesale price. This opportunity to purchase land directly from the Mayans with huge upside potential won’t last long and is giving buyers a chance to lock in immediate profits by tapping into the world’s most promising real estate market. 

Located along Mexico’s stunning Caribbean coast, Tulum lies in the Riviera Maya and offers buyers the smartest real estate and land banking opportunities available on the world market today. Quite simply, the area around Tulum still offers the opportunity to buy real estate in the path of growth.

Consider that in 1970 Cancun had only one hotel, but today it is home to a permanent population of more than 1 million people, and an ever-growing number of international tourists. As the population of the region has spread southward,Playa del Carmen was dubbed “The Fastest Growing City in the World” by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006.

And the area around Tulum, located just over an hour south of Cancun and 30 minutes from Playa, is already growing at an even faster rate. With the rapid expansion and land rush that is already taking place in the Riviera Maya, property values in Tulum could easily double or even triple over the next 12-36 months, which is great news for buyers who take advantage of the opportunity to purchase Tulum land banking hectares from the super low price of $25,000.

The real trick to successful land banking is to figure out the best place to buy, acquiring pre-development land that is strategically located in the path of growth. Rarely does a real opportunity for tremendous growth such as Tulum present itself in such an obvious way. Here, land is available, undervalued and can be safely purchased with qualified legal assistance. 

Many of the world’s most successful and forward-thinking investors have already realized that the Mayan land sector is positioned for prosperity and abundant growth. Its location is perfect, its infrastructure is supportive and it can be purchased at a fraction of its real value. Mayan land has been described as the world’s largest untapped real estate market, and Conde Nast magazine, Frommers, Travel + Leisure,National Geographic,MSNBC and TripAdvisor – to name only a few – have all proclaimed Tulum to have “the world’s best beaches.” 

Also,USA Today wrote that Tulum is the “fastest-growing town in Latin America.” In less than three short years, investors who bought land in Tulum have seen up to 400 percent gains simply from buying, holding and reselling land. If you have money to invest for the next 18-36 months and have not looked closely at this area, you should come see for yourself what Wall Street does not want you to discover.

There are still serious moneymaking opportunities in Tulum, where investors can enjoy easy access, full disclosure and quick returns. Contact us to day to learn more about why buying Tulum land banking hectares could be the best investment decision you will ever make.

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