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2015 Brings Huge Upswing to Mexico’s Tourism Sector

06 August, 2015

According to the official numbers,Mexico has seen an impressive 8.9 percent increase in tourism for the first half of 2015,compared to the same time period of 2014. And if you compare this year’s numbers to those of 2013,the numbers are even more impressive,with a 21.7 percent increase in tourism to Mexico. All together,this equals a trend in growing tourism to Mexico that amounts to a yearly average increase of more than 10 percent!

According to Mexico’s Integrated System for Migration Operations,or SIOM,visitors from the United States account for the majority of international tourists each year,with U.S. numbers hitting upwards of 7 million in 2014 – which also happens to be an increase of more than 10 percent from 2013.

“The most popular international destination,by a landslide,will be Mexico,according to Euromonitor,” writes the New York Times. “Mexico is alluring not only for its sun and its sand,but also for its cuisine,destination yoga retreats and cultural activities,be it exploring the ruins of ancient Mayan civilization at Chichén Itzá,a UNESCO World Heritage Site near Cancún,or partying in Cabo San Lucas.”

Canadians also top the list of international visitors in Mexico,totaling 1.6 million visitors in 2014,followed by the British in third place with nearly half a million visitors last year. Rounding out the top ten are Colombia,Brazil and Spain,tying with an average of 300,000 visitors each year,followed by Argentina at roughly 247,000,France at 213,000,Germany at 187,000 and Venezuela at 176,000 annual visitors.

The data reveals that most American travelers stay in Mexico for about six nights and that the most popular destinations are Los Cabos,Cancun,the Riviera Maya,Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City. The majority of U.S. visitors are shown to come from California,Texas,Illinois,New York,Georgia and Florida. Interestingly,British travelers tend to double the average American’s stay,booking an average of 12 nights at a time,with Cancun being their top destination of choice.

“Mexico and London are among the top three international destinations being booked for 2015,according to a survey of 1,226 travel agency owners,managers and agents,” writes the New York Times.

Although no countries from Asia made the list so far this year,it’s also important to note that Mexico has seen an enormous upsurge in visitors from China and Korea,which have both seen a dramatic increase of 20 percent.

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