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Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico Talks About the Changing Nature of Mexico's Real Estate Market

05 July, 2015

“The growth of the Internet has had an enormous impact on Mexico’s real estate market in recent years,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “It’s estimated that more than 65 million new Internet users will be online by the end of 2015 and that more than 80 percent of consumers now use the Internet to search for real estate,with that number reaching even higher among international buyers.”

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Also of note,in the final quarter of 2014 Google Analytics reported that the total number of online real estate queries jumped by more than 25 percent compared to 2013. And while the desktop and laptop remain the preferred method worldwide for accessing the Internet,mobile is definitely gaining ground – especially in Mexico – and quickly! During the final quarter of 2013,an impressive 24 percent of all real estate searches were carried out using mobile devices; a number that jumped to 38 percent during the same period of 2014. Also,we can’t ignore the fact that growing Internet penetration means more people have more access than ever before to information on websites and through social media. 

So,if desktops,laptops and mobile devices like tablets and smart phones are the next big thing in Mexico’s already booming real estate market,what does that mean in real terms for would-be investors?

“In my experience,increased Internet access in Mexico has made it easier for house hunters to be more specific and analytical in their property searches,” shared Houghton. “The large numbers of different properties online today reduces the amount of time it takes to find the property of your dreams and also allows you to optimize each search by using filters for location,price and property type.” 

Of course,for agents the shift to online and mobile applications for selling real estate means it is imperative to have a state of the art website that keeps up with the ever-changing nature of the Internet. This will maximize the total number of properties real estate investment companies can bring to the table and allows experienced agents to provide buyers with real-time answers by telephone and email to questions delivered by online service providers and websites.

“There’s little doubt that the future of the real estate industry in Mexico will be positively affected by the move online,” Houghton shared. “The trick is for local companies and different players in the real estate game – including agents,agencies,developers and web portals – to adjust quickly and efficiently to the changing tide.”

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