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Amazon Launches First Latin American Store In Mexico

02 July, 2015

One of the world’s largest e-commerce corporations opened up its first major online storefront in Mexico, indeed in all of Latin America, when Amazon unveiled a full-service expansion of its URL amazon.com.mx earlier this week. Until Tuesday, the website only sold e-books via a Kindle store, but now it also offers appliances, baby items, beauty and grooming products, consumer electronics,CDs and vinyl, DVDs, home items, jewelry, print books, sporting goods, tools, video games and millions of other products. 

“Mexico’s time has come,” stated Forrester Analyst and eBusiness strategy professional Zia Daniell Wigder. “As Brazil’s economy slows and Mexico’s continues to grow, major US and European brands have been directing their attention at Mexico.” 

According to Billboard.com, the implications for e-commerce – and especially for music sales – in a nation like Mexico where many people still prefer to buy physical CDs and albums could be enormous. Although digital sales at iTunes Mexico are growing at an exponential rate, jumping from $9.2 billion in 2013 to $12.2 billion in 2014, they still don’t come close to physical sales, and Amazon provides a sense of additional security, which gives consumers confidence in its ability to follow through with the physical delivery.

The new amazon.com.mx page is completely in Spanish and sections will be growing daily, offering millions of new items. In fact, in a move to capture some of Mexico’s massive e-commerce growth, Amazon’s new online shopping store already offers more categories than any other international website has ever offered at launch. Buyers can also get free shipping on orders fulfilled by Amazon that are above 599 pesos, or USD $38.00. The company also offers a variety of expedited and paid shipping options, or consumers may pick up purchases in person from one of hundreds of locations nationwide. 

As part of this e-commerce expansion, Amazon is also now offering three of its Kindle devices in the Mexican online store, including the MXN 1,499 Kindle, the Kindle Voyage and the new Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon also revealed that shoppers throughout Mexico will be able to make purchases online via the new website using desktop and laptop computers, as well as mobile devices, iTunes, Google Play and with Amazon apps.

“We are launching in Mexico with more categories, more items and more features than any previous release we have made in other parts of the world,” shared Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Tuesday in an open online letter to consumers. “With convenient and secure payment options and fast delivery, our goal is to deliver a world-class shopping experience for customers in Mexico.”

This latest push by Amazon follows online expansions into Mexico by several other major retailers last year, including Home Depot,Lowe’s and Zara, all seeking to get in early on Mexico’s growing online retail market. 

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