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Discover Why Now Is the Best Time To Buy Real Estate in Playa del Carmen With Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico

14 June, 2015

Playa del Carmen is one of the Riviera Maya’s most hip,trendy and vibrant locales,boasting every modern convenience and amenity one could imagine,as well as easy access to all that this stunning region has to offer,set against the clear turquoise backdrop of the Caribbean Sea.

“Playa is definitely a boomtown,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “Over the last two decades the population has grown substantially and the rental market is red hot.”

How hot? Well,let’s put it this way: Whether you are talking short term,long term,by the night,week or year,property owners can make money from rental income in Playa del Carmen. The never-ending influx of visitors includes vacationers,mobile businessmen and women,retirees,young professionals and executives who work in the city.

“What this means for property owners is that there is plenty of money available in Playa’s rental market,” Houghton shared. “Tourists and their spending power is one of the market’s main drivers,but the city also has its own vibrant economy.”

Playa del Carmen’s strong local economy is also attracting a new wave of mobile entrepreneurs and business people from all walks of life,who come to enjoy the fabulous local culture,warm tropical weather and stunning natural beauty of the city itself and the surrounding Riviera Maya. Of course,it helps that Mexico’s government is serious about tourism. In fact,back in the early 1970s it was this dedication that turned Cancun (which lies about 40 minutes north of Playa del Carmen) from a largely uninhabited stretch of sand into the vacation mecca it is today.

“The government provided the necessary infrastructure to facilitate the development of a world-class tourism destination and since then the area’s modern infrastructure has been extended south from Cancun throughout the Riviera Maya,” Houghton shared.

Today,hotels and resorts are always packed from Cancun south along Mexico’s only Caribbean coast through Playa all the way to the up and coming town of Tulum,with condo and home values rising steadily even as you read these words. Although Playa del Carmen is clearly in the path of progress begun by Cancun,the main window of opportunity here is definitely closing. Still,the price is right in Playa del Carmen right now,with real estate values rising strongly and faster than ever before,especially if you know where to look for the best deals and most value.

Want to know more? Contact us today and discover why Playa del Carmen and Mexico’s Riviera Maya is the world’s best place to invest in beachfront real estate.

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