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Tulum Is the New Jetsetter Destination of the Caribbean

11 June, 2015

Places like the South of France and St. Bart's have been on the radar of the world's rich and famous for many decades,but in recent years the small,eco-chic town of Tulum in Mexico's Riviera Maya is gaining new ground as the next big thing among global jetsetters.

Not only does Tulum boast the world’s most beautiful white sand beaches,but it lies just 80 miles south of Cancun and just 45 minutes south of Playa del Carmen along Mexico's only Caribbean Coast. In addition to natural beauty,modern infrastructure and luxurious accommodations,Tulum is also home to the only Mayan pyramid overlooking the sea and is surprisingly affordable – whether you are just visiting or are scoping out the ideal location for your next vacation home.

“Exclusivity also comes with a price tag,making St. Barts' real estate extremely expensive,” writes Luxury Travel Magazine. “For someone looking to own property in a glamorous international destination,whether for business of renting it,building a hotel or for personal pleasure,one destination is not equal to another in terms of real estate value and potential of making money on growing prices.”

Here’s the reality: If you take a quick look at the price of real estate – or a simple vacation – in some of the world’s most popular destinations among jetsetters (think Paris,Ibiza,St. Tropez,the Amalfi coast,Miami,etc.) and you compare it to Tulum,you will see that this jewel of the Mexican Caribbean is a clear standout in terms of value for your money. Even jetsetters like to save and adore a smart buy – leaves more to splurge on the latest bag and shoes at some of nearby Playa del Carmen’s high-end boutiques!

Today,Tulum is already a favorite destination of celebrities like Cameron Diaz,Reese Witherspoon,Demi Moore,Sting,Drew Barrymore,Kate Bosworth,Sean Penn,Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange,to name only a few,along with a never ending array of fashionistas from New York and jetsetters from Europe,South America and beyond.

“Still,the prices of land here are very low compared to other main jet-setters’ destinations,” writes Luxury Travel Magazine. “The time to invest in a luxury villa or beach condo in Tulum is now.”

So,where do you begin? Whether you are a motivated buyer or just someone who is enamored with the idea of buying a second and/or retirement home in a Caribbean paradise,it’s never too soon to start looking at the available options.

For example,there are still brand new luxury condos available in Tulum right now that can bring buyers fantastic rental income and also function as a vacation home. Or,if you’re simply looking for worry-free,hassle-free living in a top international beachfront destination,the same condo can serve as the ideal permanent residence; all while you sit back and experience excellent growth and capital gain,living in the lap of luxury in Tulum.

“Our Villas las Palmas Tulum development is the first truly luxurious condominium development in the area,” shared Richard Houghton of Investment Properties Mexico. “Recently featured in Ocean Home Magazine,this development is designed to provide great rental income should the buyer choose to go that route,but the top-quality finishes,excellent location and long list of amenities also make it the ideal second home,full-time residence or retirement home.”

Regardless of why or how,everyone should try to make it to Tulum and experience firsthand why the world’s most savvy investors,most popular celebs and most sophisticated jetsetters have made this little sliver of paradise their latest and greatest find among all of the up and coming destinations in the Caribbean!