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10 June, 2015

Well,here it is again. The calendar is down to its final page. Christmas is just around the corner. And one week later a new year will be upon us.

Some of you who are reading this have been dreaming about owning a home of your own in this beautiful part of the world known as the Riviera Maya for- How many years has it been now? One? Two? Five? More?

You can see yourself waking up every morning to the azure blue Caribbean Sea; hear the sounds of the dozens of species of birds welcoming you to a new day; smell the salt air,and bountiful flowers; feel the powder soft sand between your toes.

You know how exquisite this area is,because every chance you get you're booking airfare and accommodations to come back.

You vow that this is the year that you're going to make it happen!

And then what happens... You register on our website,look at all of the many and diverse properties for sale,maybe read a couple of blogs on any myriad of topics,and then you shut down your computer. You go back to the same old rut. You forget about your dreams,or worse yet- you give up on them thinking,"I can't do it."

Well,I know that you can! I know this because my wife Rosie and I have done it. I know because every single day we meet,talk and form friendships with ex-pats from all over the world who have done it.

Your chance begins with a phone call. That's right- a phone call.

You see,every one of the hundreds of people we at Investment Properties Mexico have helped realize their dream of living in Paradise,has started with a phone call from one of our helpful and knowledgable staff. We are there to provide you with information,advise and suggestions. We can provide this service to our clients because every one of us have done it.

We will help you to understand that it's okay to dream. We will give you the information that you need to fuel that dream,to scratch that "itch". And when you make the decision to follow your dream,we will be there to assist you in finding your piece of Paradise.

We believe in you. We know that if you truly want it,you can have it. You can do it!

So what's holding you back? For many of you it is the trepidation of just PICKING UP THE PHONE. "Oh,I don't want to talk to them. They're just going to try to sell me something."

Just so you understand- Investment Properties Mexico is the #1 website on the planet for Mexican real estate. We get more hits on our website in a week them most other sites get in a month or more. We are the most successful realtors in the entire 80 mile stretch of the Riviera Maya. We don't need,nor do we want,to talk anyone into anything.

When you provide your correct name,phone number and/or email address,we are the ones who will call you. Why? Because we can learn more from you about your wants,needs and desires for your Mexican home (aka- dream) in 10 minutes,then in an endless string of emails.

So,if you are serious or even seriously considering property ownership here in Mexico,and would like expert service in exploring the possibilities... and never at any cost to you- the buyer,JUST PICK UP THE PHONE. You CAN do it!

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