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Tulum: "Gracias"

10 June, 2015

Year after year, thousands of new visitors from around the world get their first taste of the magnificent beaches of Tulum. And many of them return over and over again, and are never disappointed. 

The disappointment sets in when we are chatting on the phone about their dream home in Mexico and they tell me that they would love a "beachfront condo in Tulum". It is then my unpleasant duty to tell them,"I'm sorry, but there are no beachfront condominiums in Tulum to be had". 

Unlike Cancun,Playa del Carmen, and so many other beaches throughout Mexico, and in fact the world, this gem on the Caribbean Sea has no large all-inclusive hotels or massive condominium complexes.  Instead what you'll find is a variety of small eco-chic hotels, beach clubs, eclectic cafes, bars and restaurants.

You see, the people and local government of Tulum understand and appreciate the treasure that is Tulum beach. They are unwilling to sell out to large developers or corporations and instead, prefer to develop the town's interior. This will insure that everyone- locals and tourists, first timers and frequent visitors (like my wife and I) will be able to enjoy the sugar-fine sand, and aqua blue water of the coastline for years and years to come.

So please, the next time or the first time that you behold the beauty and tranquility that is Tulum beach, say a silent "gracias" to the folks of Tulum for their foresight. And be assured that when you return, the natural beauty of Tulum beach will be waiting for you. 

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