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The D-I-E-T plan for Property Ownership in Mexico Real Estate

10 June, 2015

The longer that I live in Mexico,and the more ex-pats that I speak to who have made the same trek southward that my wife Rosie and I have made,the more I've found that almost each and every one of us has gone through the same 4 steps to get here. (How's that for a $500 sentence?)

We didn't just wake up one day and say,"I'm moving to Mexico". It's not that straightforward. The idea kind of sneaks up on you. Let me run through the steps and you'll see what I mean.

The first step is what I call the "Dream". You hear about the friend of a friend who bought a retirement home in Puerto Aventuras and is living the good life. Or perhaps you're in the doctor's office waiting room,pick up a travel magazine and read about Tulum with one of the most beautiful beaches in the world,magnificent Mayan ruins,and the coming international airport. Or just maybe your skidding along on an ice-covered road on the way home from work in the dark,and you start wishing for sun,sand and no more snow and ice. STOP DAYDREAMING AND PAY ATTENTION,IT'S ICY!!! Whatever it is,something starts you dreaming of a better life.

Many people get stuck in the "Dream". After the initial excitement,they start thinking that they would never be able to live the incredible lifestyle that we enjoy down here. Some may even go so far as to check out our website,but it ends there for them. They never move reach step two- the "Itch".

The "Itch" is when you move beyond just dreaming and start thinking,"Maybe I can do it. Why not me?" You know that there is something better out there- a better way of life,and you start seeking out more information. Every free minute you have,you're jumping on your computer,going to the Investment Properties Mexico website and really start searching it. Not just the listings,but all of the readily accessible information we have... You watch our clients' testimonials,read the news and blogs,learn that you may be able to use your IRA to buy a property,and more. You are getting serious. You have the "Itch" that you just can't scratch. You want it all.

Please realize that the "Dream" and "Itch" are completely up to you. You must decide where you are.

Now you're moving to the next phase,which is the "Education". This is where we at Investment Properties Mexico make the difference in a smooth transition for property ownership in Mexico real estate. You may have a bunch of questions or need clarification on some things you have read...

Then you get the phone call and the "Education" begins. It starts with a call from myself or one of my associates here at Investment Properties Mexico. We all live here in the Riviera Maya full-time. We are the real estate professionals and we have all gone through exactly the same thing that you are going through now. Pick our brains. We can answer you from experience. We live here and can tell you how we did it. But more importantly to you,we can help you and educate you on how you can do it too.

While we are educating you,we will also be asking you questions. Very important questions. Because if you are truly serious,the answers you provide us will help us seamlessly segue you into the final phase,"Targeting".

By providing you with a proper "Education" and asking the right questions,the "Targeting" of properties that fit your parameters is made that much easier. We already know if you are looking for a retirement home,an income producing property that you can rent out when you're out of town,or a property strictly for investment purposes. We will know what is important in your selection of a new home or investment. And you will know what you can afford. So now when you fly in,your search will be productive because we'll have done much of the work for you.

Oh,and one last thing... Because we at IPM are "Buyers Agents",all of the professional services that we provide for you in your search for your "Piece of Paradise" costs you ZERO,ZILCH,NADA!

We are paid by the seller.

So... where are you in your D-I-E-T plan?

In the midst of this global economic downturn,Mexico's economy is thriving and on the verge of exploding. Billions,with a B,of dollars are being invested in Mexico from all over the world. Don't take my word for it,check with the people in the know on CNBC,MSNBC,The Wall Street Journal,The Financial Times of London and more.

Our primary physician makes house calls,yep comes right to our home. We have three quality medical facilities within twenty minutes of our home that are staffed with specialists who are mostly U.S. trained. And the costs of healthcare are 70% less than what we paid in the States.

As far as the comforts of home,Rosie and I go to first run movies,in English. We shop at Walmart,Sam's Club,Costco,Sears,just to name a few. And to top it all off,though we are about one hour from Cancun International Airport,soon we'll be able to travel through the brand new international airport in Tulum,which is about 1/2 hour away.

So after conducting a complete investigation,those are my results. Now I want to know why?

"Why would we want to live anywhere else? And why would you?"

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