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Mexico Real Estate: The Three Amigos Of Investment Properties Mexico

10 June, 2015

More times than I can count,as I have been speaking with clients about their dreams of property ownership in the Riviera Maya,I have thanked them for their compliments on our website.  Time and again I've heard comments like, "…so much information","…easy to navigate","… user friendly",and "the best real estate website I've ever seen."  

To be honest with you,I have absolutely nothing to do with our website,but I love to hear the compliments that we get about it.  The reason is,that we at Investment Properties Mexico are fortunate to have three very talented and extremely competent young men who keep our website on the cutting edge of technology and up to date.  And they are as much a part of our team as anyone else in our office.

Victor Ruiz,Carlos Ruiz,and Wilbert Ku Canche are the 'three amigos' who keep our website up and humming.  In fact,without them we would be hard-pressed to present our clients with the high quality product that we sometimes take for granted.

The three of them can often be found huddled together around their computers in a corner of the office,tinkering on ways to make our presence on the internet even better.

They don't stop there though.  They are responsible for the high-quality photos that you see of the properties that are listed by our agents,and they also produce many of the videos on our website.

As I am writing this blog,the three of them are feverishly working to update Investment Properties Mexico's site to be a multi-lingual experience.  They have already added Spanish and soon our clients who speak French,German and Russian will also be able to effortlessly navigate around our website to find their own piece of Paradise.

So,as you're reading this blog and then move on to other areas of our website,tip your hat (or sombrero) to Victor,Carlos and Wilbert,without whom this wouldn't be possible.

Salud Amigos.

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