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Is Puerto Aventuras Real Estate a community?  You bet it is!

10 June, 2015

Everyday,all of us who have computers (like there's anyone out there who doesn't) use the term community.  Now,some of us may not be aware of it,but the com in the .com suffix,stands for community.

One of the dictionary definitions found for community is: "a feeling of fellowship with others,as a result of sharing common attitudes,interests,and goals". 

I would take it further than that.  What separates a community from just a neighborhood is the people within that community.  The way they feel about where they live,and more importantly their feelings about one another.

One such person in Puerto Aventuras is Traci,the proprietor of Mango's. 

Mango's is a friendly cafe located on the waterfront,in the very heart of P.A.  You can stop in for a delicious lunch,dinner,or just for an ice cold beer or cocktail any time of the day or evening.  And chances are you'll run into Traci,a warm,outgoing woman who makes even first-timers feel welcome.

Recently,it was learned that a long-time resident of Puerto Aventuras real estate,who had gone back to the States for a visit,had taken ill and had been hospitalized in serious condition. 

It didn't take long for Traci and her fine staff to organize a fundraiser to assist this gentleman and his family.  It took place this past Saturday evening.  Each donation entitled the giver to free beer on tap and a limited buffet menu,with all of the proceeds going to the family.  

I'm happy to report that there was a good turn out and that the donations exceeded expectations,with many of the residents of P.A. donating more than the minimum required for the dinner buffet.

As stated earlier,it is people that separate a community from a neighborhood.  The people and their feelings toward one another.  

In Puerto Aventuras,wonderful caring people are the norm rather than the exception. 

They are what make P.A. a community,and I'm proud and happy to say that my wife Rosie and I are a part of that community.

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