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Save your IRA with Land Banking

06 May, 2015

As the world economy behaves like an elevator,and the global markets react to this,millions of people,including terrified baby boomers,are crossing their fingers that their retirement accounts stay profitable rather than face the bleak,real possibility of disastrous results.

Their fear is not unwarranted. With the realistic thought that Social Security is positioned to be unreliable,the continued volatility of the US stock market is a frightening crap shoot for those counting on those funds to enhance their golden years. In fact,just last week was the worst week for Wall Street in 10 years.

The IRA's existence came to be with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) The whole idea was to transfer the responsibility from employer to employee. While some pension funds were being mismanaged,Congress passed this from companies to the individual.

While many Americans are aware of IRA's and other self directed retirement accounts,only a handful are aware that they have freedom and choice when it comes to managing their retirement accounts.

Most of the so-called money managers never tell their clients about the many options available to them,opting only to steer them towards their own investments that they offer. Traditionally this has been limited to mutual funds,bonds and stocks.

As millions of the baby boomers approach their retirement,pensions drying up and Social Security being a veritable coin toss,you must provide for yourself!

Buying real estate,especially internationally,is one of the best options. One can buy a condo on the powdery white sands of the Riviera Maya and the derived income goes back into the IRA as pure profit. These are great tools to ensure a happy and profitable future and retirement.

All that is required is a simple custodian to custodian transfer. A custodian is much like a depository or bank which you,the individual,direct to make the investment for you.

Investment Properties Mexico,located in the heart of the fastest growing town in Latin America,are experts in guiding you through this process.

Richard Houghton,owner of IPM,has seen a steady rise in the awareness of folks to be able to use their retirement accounts with many choosing to buy land in the path of progress and reaping the rewards of subdividing parcels for those seeking to build their dream home in paradise.

Known as land banking,this is the perfect scenario for those funds that are already set aside for a medium to long term investment without taking cash directly out of your pocket.

Mr. Houghton,the expert in IRA and 401k diversification,is overjoyed with his role in saving good folks hard earned money by exploring the tremendous upside potential,while in a conservative investment,that land banking,especially in Tulum and Muyil has to offer.

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