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Piggybanks chock full of Pesos

06 May, 2015

In a wonderful,ironic twist,more Mexicans living north of the border are now heading back down south to find the so-called American Dream.

In a report released this week by the Public Policy Institute of California,more than 300,000 hard working,honest Mexicans have left California alone in search of a better and fuller life down south in just the last 3 years.

According to the state's Mexican Consul General,Carlos Gonzalez Gutierrez,"We have become a middle-class country." While referring to his homeland,Mr. Gutierrez stated that it is now easier to find a job,buy homes on credit,and most importantly have access to higher education south of the border.

In fact,in a shocking statistic,joblessness in the United States is 9.4 percent while in Mexico the rate is less than half that number.

Equally as sobering,is that the average standard of living in Mexico,which includes education,health,and per capita income is now higher than those in China,India,and Russia according to the United Nations.

It is a fact that due to Mexico's growing middle class,reduces the need or desire to head north simply because of the many more options that are presented and available here at home.

In addition,Mexico's economy is strong. Growing at 4 to 5 percent,which is directly benefitting from low inflation,a solid banking system and strong flow of exports.

As Mexico transforms itself from a rural to an urban society,the natural consequence of birthrate has sharply declined as well.Today's birthrate is 2.1 children per woman,whereas in the 1970's it was more than 5.

Just this year,President Felipe Calderon made private school fee's tax deductible for pre-school through high school levels which will have a dramatic effect on the continued rise of the middle class as it will free up family income for other expenses.

According to Businessweek,homeownership is another key factor in Mexico's booming surge in the middle class and subsequent transformation. It allows families to build equity,establish good credit histories,and climb the economic ladder.

Oscar Garcia,Investment Properties Mexico's ambassador for the Mexican clientele,has seen a steady rise in Mexican families and individuals desire to buy and own second homes,especially along the pristine Riviera Maya.

This is great news for Mexican's everywhere and shows with a little hard work and persistence you will prevail.