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Muyil,the Next Investor Hotspot

06 May, 2015

Will Roger's,20th century US humorist and showman,said it best when he said,"Don't wait to buy land,buy land and wait."

It is this investment strategy known as "Land Banking" that has the entire investment community abuzz with the golden opportunities that exist in the Riviera Maya,on the Caribbean coast.

The seaside town of Tulum,home to the only archaeological ruins in the world perched high above the placid Caribbean sea,was actually a small community unto itself. This pre-Columbian walled city of the Mayans,dominated the region between the 13th and 15th century and has been the focus of a modern day land rush.

This area's rich history and unparalleled beauty is the reason that 70% of Mexico's tourism dollar is spent on the Caribbean side of Mexico.

However,with all of the global attention this area has received,due in large part to President Felipe Calderon's official announcement of the near arrival of a new international airport,there are other burgeoning areas just south of Tulum with the same exponential financial returns poised for unprecedented growth and financial returns.

One such place is Muyil.  Muyil boasts 2 large,historic lagoons that were extremely important to the early Mayans. These pristine lagoons,translucent and ever changing in their appearance and coloration,were of vital importance to the early inhabitants. 

The Muyil settlement was an extremely densely populated area in the pre-Hispanic era with an abundance of ancient residential and religious sacred sights which only a small fraction have been uncovered by archaeologists.

The land locked,awe inspiring lagoons are connected to the tranquil Caribbean sea via intricate canal systems that were dredged by the ancient people to open up trade routes to the rest of the early seaside settlements which dotted this magnificent coast.

Current scientific data now confirms this area was populated as early as 300 BC,which is hundreds of years prior to such famous and powerful cities of Uxmal,Tulum and Chichen Itza.

With the fact that this area is home to over 800 species of plants,360 species of birds and other fauna like pumas,jaguars,monkeys,ocelots and reptiles and amphibians of every size and shape,has now caught the immediate attention of investors that wish to capitalize on this historic area.

Leading the way for folks is Richard Houghton,a trusted and informed developer,successful investor and owner of Investment Properties Mexico.  Under Mr. Houghton's tutelage,many investors are now able to realize the same amazing and life changing profits from safe land acquisition in the path of growth. 

The Muyil area,with its immediate proximity to Tulum,is going to be the next hotspot for savvy investor's who do not wait for others to make money with early land grabbing only to jump in on the tail end of the boom to gather a few crumbs of profit.

Mr. Houghton is an expert in the financial area of retirement accounts such as IRA's,401k's,and SIPP's,for those European clients,and has quite a happy following of friends and investors who are looking to beef up their retirement dollars purchasing land rather than continued exposure to the volatility of the stock markets.

Sound,conservative investing in this beautiful area,where the tourists are flocking to,compounded by the fact that MSNBC has named Tulum,just 15 minutes north as having the best beach in the world,make Muyil and its beautiful,historic lagoon's,a sure bet for smart investor's.

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