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Get A Weekend in Mexico For Free

06 May, 2015

Viewing Trip and Chill Weekend

Checking out a potential new home or investment property overseas can be surprisingly easy to do in person. One great way for potential buyers to check out new properties,while also enjoying a luxurious  mini vacation,can actually be done through trips that are commonly referred to as,“chill weekends.”

Investment Properties Mexico makes it easy to coordinate viewing trips and locate fabulous potential properties. In addition,there is no pressure to buy and best of all,it is a great way to explore Mexico's laid-back lifestyle,which you could soon be living.

Benefits of these viewing trips include the ability to personally familiarize yourself with the entire process of buying a home in your chosen destination. You will be able to meet the locals,get to know the community and check into the various financing and/or legal options that are available to you,mostly at a cost only to the developer. The best part is,seeing the property in person cuts through the sales pitch and lets you know exactly what you are getting for your money.

In addition,meeting the developer is always a good idea. It creates a more personal relationship so that you as the buyer do not feel pressured in any way. By bypassing the many fancy brochures and videos,you can actually travel around the surrounding area and find out for yourself if the beach is really just a five minute walk away.

It is our business at Investment Properties Mexico to build solid relationships with reputable developers who don’t need to airbrush reality. That is why they are more than happy to pick up a chunk of the tab for your trip and are excited to let you see in person the various properties that they have to offer.