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Mexico Pledges To Dramatically Cut Greenhouse Gas Pollution

05 April, 2015

Mexico has committed to a new plan that will cut its carbon by 2030 and peak its greenhouse gas pollution by 2026. The targets were unveiled in late March and are part of Mexico’s official contribution to a global climate change accord,which is expected to be signed in Paris this December and will reportedly include carbon-cutting measures from both developed and developing nations for the first time.

“In particular,Mexico’s target to peak its emissions by 2026 and drive them down thereafter is a landmark step in the global transition to a low-carbon economy,” the White House said in an official statement. “We hope that Mexico’s actions will encourage other economies to submit plans that are ambitious,timely,transparent,detailed and achievable.”

The White House also praised Mexico’s new climate plan for “setting an example for the rest of the world.” In 2012 Mexico was the first developing nation to enact its own climate change law,which calls for the country to curb emissions to at least 30 percent lower than its “business as usual” levels by 2030 and to 50 percent by the middle of this century.

“Hitting that target will mean sharply raising vehicle fuel efficiency to bring standards in line with those in the United States and adopting appliance standards,” writes the Washington Post. “Mexico also set goals for increasing the share of renewable and nuclear energy in its electric power sector.”

Mexico submitted its plan before the first informal deadline for nations worldwide to come forward with their plans,despite the fact that it is only responsible for contributing an estimated 1.5 percent of global emissions. Mexico’s government has also led a small but growing number of developing nations that consistently urge other countries to assume greater responsibility for fighting climate change and so far has stood by its promises. In support of combatting climate change in the region,the White House also announced the development of a joint U.S.-Mexico task force to help both countries achieve their reduced carbon and greenhouse gas targets.

“A White House official called Mexico’s plan a ‘landmark’ and ‘pace-setting commitment’ in preparation for the December climate conference,” writes the Washington Post. “He said that Mexico had ‘come forward with timely,clear,transparent and unconditional goals backed by strong policies.’”

Mexico’s plan has also received praise from environmental activists,who say the announcement marks a significant turning point for developing nations and hope that more countries come forth to pledge support for reducing climate change before the December conference. The joint U.S.-Mexico clean energy and climate change policy task force will work to enact clean energy and grid modernization,as well as overall energy efficiency and the development of fuel-efficient vehicles.

“As a country that enacted a groundbreaking,comprehensive climate change law in 2012,Mexico clearly understands the threat of climate change and the economic benefits of smart action for its citizens and is now going farther,” stated Jennifer Morgan,global director of the World Resources Institute’s climate team. “Other countries should follow Mexico’s lead and present robust action plans very soon.”