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Filming Begins For New James Bond Movie In Mexico

25 March, 2015

Spectre,which is the most recent installment of the long running James Bond movie series,will begin with scenes that are filmed in Mexico City,according to a press release by Grupo Vidanta,which worked in conjunction with the Mexico Tourism Board and Interjet Airlines to attract the project to the Mexican economy.  Already promising to create hundreds of new jobs,production on the new film began this week.

“The fact that such a storied international franchise as James Bond chose to film scenes of their latest blockbuster in Mexico is an honor and a testament to the growing appeal of Mexico as a destination,” stated Daniel Chavez,vice president of Grupo Vidanta. “We’re grateful for the opportunity to help bring a new vision of Mexico to life.”

The cast has overtaken the sun-filled streets of Mexico City,with actor Daniel Craig spotted swinging from balconies and peering over vast crowds of people. The film’s opening seems to be inspired by Mexico’s Dia de los Muertos,or Day of the Dead,which sets the time frame of the movie around Nov. 2nd

“The scene features a macbre parade as it conjures up memories of Bond favourites of the past,” writes the Mirror. “Men in skull masks and face paint parade the streets in what looks to be a tribute to the occult.”

It seems eerily reminiscent of 1973’s now-infamous Bond film,Live and Let Die,which opened with a strangely upbeat New Orleans funeral. Also in that film the villain – Baron Samedi – took his name from the Loa of Haitian Voodoo,which has direct connections to Dia de los Muertos.

The film’s title,Spectre,is actually an acronym for the Special Executive for Counter-Intelligence,Terrorism,Revenge and Extortion,an evil organization headed by the villain Blofeld,both of which first appeared in the very first Bond film,Dr. No,which opened in 1962. This will reportedly be Craig’s fourth run as James Bond,although not his last,as he has already signed on to complete at least one more film.

As one of the largest developers of luxury resorts and tourism infrastructure in Mexico and Latin America,Grupo Vidante’s contribution to Spectre is the latest in a series of impressive new tourism investments made by the privately owned travel and development company,which already operates around 25 resorts and hotels in Mexico. In the past,the firm has also partnered with such notables as Cirque du Soleil,Nicklaus Design and Greg Norman.

“Tourism is one of the most important growing sectors for Mexico,” shared Chavez. “We are proud to be part of the team – from both the private and public sectors – leading the recruitment and development of new entertainment and tourism projects that benefit all of Mexico.”

In addition to JOYA,which is Cirque du Soleil’s new culinary and theatrical experience in Mexico’s Riviera Maya,Grupo Vidante also plans to open an additional Cirque collaboration near Puerto Vallarta,which will reportedly include a $1 billion entertainment park.