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10 Reasons To Prosper In 2010

16 February, 2015

We wish all our readers a very Happy New Year!

We argued for much of
2009 that the time was becoming opportune to buy real estate in

Well now,at the change of the year,the moment is really right and we'd like to share 10 reasons
you can prosper in 2010 with Mexico real estate.

1) Exchange

The dollar rose about 30% against the peso in 2009. You'll now get
around 13 Mexican pesos to your greenback in 2010. This makes property and
living in Mexico cheap.

2) Sound Investment Environment

Proof of
Mexico making a sound investment is seen in the massive number of overseas
investors that have already reaped success here. The solid legal framework helps
make Mexico one of the safest high growth markets in the world to invest

3) Emerging Economies On The Rise

Smart institutional
investors are putting their money into emerging economies right now.
Traditionally poorer countries with great growth prospects are the latest
fashion and Mexico tops the list.

4) Mortgage Loans Growth

The end
of 2009 saw larges amounts of money raised in mortgage-backed securities and
predictions of a boom in Mexico mortgage lending. With this influx of liquidity
you can buy real estate in Mexico in 2010 and watch the value rise

5) Massive Investments In Infrastructure

In Mexico,
massive investment is still being made in infrastructure,particularly around
the tourist zones. More new and improved infrastructure in 2010 will boost the
prices of real estate.

6) Mexico Health Care

High quality,
affordable health care has long been a reason to buy real estate in Mexico. In
the U.S.,Medicare and some private insurance companies may decide,in 2010,to
cover Mexico health care for Americans,or many may opt to buy it directly
themselves. Whatever happens,health care will remain much more affordable in
Mexico and the standards are superb.

7) Sun,Sun and More

This hardly needs stating if you're reading this from a wintery
North American climate. The weather in Mexico is excellent,especially on the
Caribbean side where you can relax in the sun on the beach all year

8) Celebrity Spotting

All the top celebrities have been
seen in Mexico lately and many have their own real estate here too: George
Clooney,Mel Gibson,Meg Ryan,Leonardo DiCaprio,Jennifer Aniston,Bono,Kurt
Russell,Jennifer Lopez,Goldie Hawn,Charlize Theron,Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Brad Pitt,Adam Sandler - need we go on?

9) People and Culture

fantastic human assets of this beautiful country make for perhaps the biggest
attraction. You'll always find Mexicans to be a friendly,welcoming folk and the
culture is a colorful kaleidoscope of art,history,food and fascinating

10) Range Of Quality Real Estate

There are not many
places in the world that offer such an incredible range of architectural styles,
property types and breathtaking locations. Whether you're looking for a beach
lot in Tulum to construct your own dream home,a condo in Puerto Vallarta for
the weekends with ocean and seas views or a cliff-top mansion in Los Cabos,you
will find something to fit your taste.

We could go on of course,but
hopefully these 10 reasons have already demonstrated why we are more sure than
ever that now is the time to buy Mexico real estate. Have a great

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