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Riviera Maya Land Banking Hectares Offer Unbeatable Upside Potential

29 January, 2015

The Wall Street Journal called land in the Riviera Maya “the hottest section in Mexico” for good reason. As the world’s largest untapped real estate market,Mayan land has already provided fantastic returns of 300-400% for our clients over the past six years. And now,Investment Properties Mexico is offering you the opportunity to purchase land directly from the local Mayans at wholesale prices that essentially lock in immediate profits. 

Buying in the Path of Progress

The world’s most successful investors already know that buying and holding raw land in the path of progress is one sure way to realize serious profits in a short period of time,but locating these opportunities before the masses can be tricky. It is this investment strategy,known as land banking,that is causing savvy investors worldwide to take a close look at Mexico’s Riviera Maya,particularly the area in and around Tulum. 

Why Tulum? 

The 80-mile stretch of coastline along the Mexican Caribbean known as the Riviera Maya is home to a number of areas that are poised for exponential growth,including the area in and around the town of Tulum. Why? For one thing,the region is absolutely stunningly beautiful… At just over an hour south of Cancun and a mere 30 minutes south of Playa del Carmen,Tulum lies in the heart of a region that the LA Times dubbed “A Technicolor dream,” and that Conde Nast magazine,Frommers,Travel + Leisure,National Geographic,MSNBC and TripAdvisor (among countless others) have proclaimed to have “the world’s best beaches.”

Mexico is poised to become one of the top 5 tourist destinations in the world.

According to CNN,Mexico is already in the top 10 most popular places in the world for tourism,with more than 52 million visitors every year,and it is soon to reach number five. Expedia reported that bookings to Mexico are up more than 30 percent this year,with demand from European,Asian and Latin American travelers growing by an amazing 300 percent. Also,hotel occupancy numbers in Riviera Maya real estate are well above travel industry averages at more than 85 percent during peak months and holding strong at 65 percent for the rest of the year. 

Modern Infrastructure

Billions of dollars are quite literally pouring in to the Riviera Maya from around the world,including countries in Europe,Asia and North America. In addition,the Mexican Government has already invested millions and has no plans to slow down. As a result,the Riviera Maya boasts modern highways and all the conveniences of home,which has caused the area to be known as a “mini USA.” Here,visitors will enjoy easy access to Walmart,Sam’s Club,Costco,Home Depot,Starbucks,Outback,Blockbuster,movies in English at AMC Theaters,UPS,JCPenney and many,many more.

Oh,and one more thing… 

Cancun’s international airport is at its bursting point.

Right now,the Riviera Maya is serviced by only one airport,which is located in Cancun. Although the airport is large,it has reached its bursting point and currently handles nearly 200 flights per day from almost 50 different countries,including more than 200 flights each week from the UK alone! New flights are still being added every month,but the Cancun airport is quickly approaching its limit… So…

Tulum will soon be the site of a new international airport. 

The airport is expected to handle at least 3 million visitors in its first year of operation alone,making the region more accessible than ever for travelers from around the world. As a result,its construction will undoubtedly provide a tremendous boost for real estate prices in the area. Cancun’s airport is literally at the bursting point,with more than 190 flights per day from 47 countries,including 211 flights each week from the UK alone.

The new Riviera Maya airport will detonate economic development in the region.

Planned for opening during the first half of 2014,the airport will also dramatically reduce transfer times from Cancun and Cozumel – and it doesn’t take a genius to imagine what this will mean for real estate throughout the region!

“Don’t wait to buy land,buy land and wait!” – Will Rogers

These words have never rung more true than when they are applied to what is happening right now in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Follow the smart money and get your piece of the pie before its too late or only available at retail prices. Take action and call us now to learn how you can make double-digit returns by Riviera Maya land banking,with real estate available at the below market price of $17,500 per hectare.

Call us now at US (561)200-6134 to learn how you can profit from this amazing opportunity!


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