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New Condo-Hotel in Playa del Carmen Real Estate

25 January, 2015

Acanto Hotel has been a staple in Playa del Carmen real estate for years. It started as a boutique hotel with 5-star amenities.  The loyal crowd of Acanto followers love the quaint and comfortable atmosphere along with the perfect location.  The developer of Acanto has now moved to a hotel-condo concept,in which the loyal crowd of boutique hotel lovers in Playa will be scrambling to purchase the limited number of condos.

The new Acanto Condo-Hotel is offering only 20 rooms,1,2 and 3 bedrooms,ranging from $265,000-$700,000.  Located in between the beautiful beaches of Playa del Carmen and the famous 5th avenue,it is hard to find a better location for enjoyment or an investment.  However,the lucky owners of Acanto will be able to use their condos whenever they choose and have the award-winning Acanto team manage it as a boutique hotel when it is not in use.  Acanto will continue to market it and run it as a 5 star hotel,and you as the owner,will get a continuous flow of income.

Acanto has built a award winning reputation as a hotelier and management team and they are keeping this award-winning professionalism and "know how" for the condo-hotel concept.  In addition,Acanto is offering a guaranteed rental income,developer financing,and even a 7% return on the purchase price for the first 2 years of ownership. There are not many places that can offer such a unique opportunity to live,enjoy,and guarantee such as solid investment that will continue to make you money when you are not enjoying it yourself.

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