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Investing in the Antithesis of Wall Street

25 January, 2015

The New York Times published a article last week that should not come as a surprise to workers,investors,or anyone looking to retire. Apparently,Wall Street firms and most notably private equity firms have too much money to invest and not enough time to invest it. Private equity firms typically tie up investors' money for around 10 years but need to invest the money within the first 3 to 5 years of a fund's or business's life. If the firms are not able to find a suitable business/fund to invest their clients money in,they are supposed to return the money. Stop and think about that. As a fund manager,I can take your money for 10 years,close the door,and lose it all or take it for 3-5 years and give it back after I subtract my fees.

This article illuminates the most clandestine game that is Wall Street and one we are all becoming too familiar with. The game is rigged,unfair,and without competition. I would agree on all accounts except the last one. There is competition for your hard earned dollars working for you. Rather than give money to a fund manger for 10 years and hope for the best; why not invest in something that is open,physically visible,tangible,and most importantly,a great investment opportunity

Come visit the Riviera Maya and personally see why more investors are land banking in areas set for exponential growth. In less than 3 short years,investors who bought land in Tulum,located in the Riviera Maya,Mexico have seen 400% gains by simply buying,holding,and reselling land. If you have money to invest for 18-36 months and have not considered this area,you need to see what Wall Street does not want you to. There are serious money making opportunities where you have full access,disclosure,and quicker returns when investing in the beautiful Caribbean side of Mexico (which they are not making any more of by the way). 

There is competition from Wall Street and we as consumers are wired not to see it. But the game is changing and the door is opening……depending on where you choose to "play" the game.