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Invest in Mexico's Caribbean….What are you waiting for?

25 January, 2015

Are you one of the many millions who subscribe to International Living or one of the many more millions who know firsthand about the beauty,lifestyle,and the explosive opportunities south of Cancun? This area of the Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico's Caribbean coastline is where you can still afford a piece of tropical paradise,but not for long. Jackie Flynn,the Publisher of International Living,recently said "I don't believe I've ever been more excited by an opportunity like this." This might be news to some but it is not news for the locals,expats,tourists,and investors that have been watching the Riviera Maya explode with opportunity.

There are dozens of publications including the Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times that been highlighting the benefits of living and investing in Mexico. As someone who calls the Riviera Maya home,I can tell you along with all the books and magazines,that yes,this area of Mexico is vibrant,cultured,friendly,affordable,and full of first rate conveniences and amenities. However,I want to tell you what smart investors have been doing for years: investing in arguably one of the most profitable and conservative real estate markets anywhere in the world. If you have not seriously considered this area of Mexico for investment,I challenge you to do your research and ask yourself….what am I waiting for? If you are unhappy with the emotional roller coaster of the stock market and your retirement accounts,do your due diligence and invest some time and knowledge in this area of Mexico (pay close attention to Tulum).

Great investors will tell you "buy the rumor and sell the news"…..what are you waiting for? The rumor and the news are starting to cross paths.