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7 Mexico Travel Myths.....Demystified

25 January, 2015

Myth #1: You can only travel on the cheap in Mexico

There are certainly great vacation and cruise deals in Mexico,and the cost of living is less expensive than its northern neighbors. However,if you spend time in a high-end resort or one of the many upscale hotels,prices can go up quickly. Mexico is full of luxury brands including Gucci,Prada,and Chanel,world class restaurants,and 5 star accommodations such as Banyan Tree,Rosewood and the Ritz Carlton to name a few. 

Myth #2: You need your own transportation

Charter buses,taxis,and colectivos (minivans that travel all the main roadways) all cart locals,tourists,and workers back and forth from Cancun to Tulum 24/7. 

Myth #3: You can’t drive the new SUV from the states

Many tourists and repeat vacationers decide to see how beautiful Mexico is from the comfort of their car. It is very easy: you just need a temporary vehicle permit that you can get at the border or online and temporary car insurance you can also get online. Mexico is huge country and there is so much to see. 

Myth #4: It is dangerous in Mexico

Speak to tourists,locals,and the millions of foreigners who own property in Mexico. The safety,beauty,and unwavering hospitality of Mexicans is why Mexico continues to have a non-stop flow of visitors throughout the year. Again,do not buy or sell drugs and use your common sense. 

Myth #5: You can’t own property in Mexico

Is this question still being asked? With some estimates stating that 2 million Americans own property in Mexico,you,as a foreigner can own real estate in Mexico through a bank trust or a corporation. You can buy,sell,build,or pass down your Mexican property to your heirs like any ordinary property owner. You own it.....period.

Myth #6: You will get sick when visiting

The only true thing about this old myth is that you might get sick if you do finish the whole bottle of tequila. Everyone in Mexico drinks filtrated/purified water. Even the ice for your Margarita will be purified. With the warm climate and year round fresh produce you may look different after a few days or weeks in Mexico. You are not sick,you lost weight because you have been eating fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables in your daily smoothies and salsas. Also,you get your Vitamin C at the bar. Seriously,who doesn’t have a lime with their beer in Mexico? 

Myth #7: Don't leave your resort

(See Myth # 4). There is so much to see and do outside your resort,and you will miss the beauty of the country if you don't leave it! Get out there,practice your Spanish (Mexicans are so eager to help) and enjoy this warm and vibrant country. The sun and sand bring people back but the people and the lifestyle make people stay.