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Investors! Pay attention to Dragon Mart

20 January, 2015

Dragon Mart is back in action! After the project came to a brief halt due to environmental agencies and private petitions against the $1.6billion project,development is now moving forward,the state of Q. Roo has given the green light and construction is scheduled to start up again next month. It will be the second-largest retail venue for Chinese products; the only other venue at this time is in Dubai. 

The Dragon Mart project is one of the most exciting ventures to happen to the area by capturing the attention of an already widespread international market of affiliate companies associated with consumer goods,products,and services. On top of a destination that already has 10 million visitors per year Dragon Mart is going to open the floodgates and be the key ingredient to fuse East-West commerce by connecting buyers from Canada to Argentina. There are already 4,500 Chinese companies interested in promoting their products,which has the potential to draw 1 million visitors and generate $700 million annually. 

The installation of this project is a no brainer but highlights the reason why the area is such an international hot spot. With the Riviera Maya being so accessible to the America’s and Europe wholesale buyers will no longer have to fly to Dubai or China to pick out their products. 

What I personally like about this project is what it is going to do for the growth of the area and more specifically Tulum. With a high speed railway already set to start construction by the years end (please refer to my next blog) the government is going to need to place the correct infrastructure to supplement the proliferated growth and new visitors to the area. Which brings me to my next point … remember that airport everyone has been talking about for years? Yes the one in Tulum. I can guarantee with Dragon Mart now solidifying its position we will certainly see the Tulum International Airport come back into play. With the Cancun airport at maximum capacity as of last year with the expansion of a new terminal there will be just too much foot traffic to sustain just one airport. If this were Spain there would be 3-4 airports up and down the coast. 

The dynamic of the Riviera Maya is going to change before our eyes with this project,deterring the area’s revenue stream away from being so reliant on tourism. We will now start to see the manufacturing industry along with small business grow in the area. With an already rapidly growing middle class this is just more fuel for the fire. We are about to see an explosion in the area! 

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