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Tulum’s Rapid Growth Means Infrastructure

15 January, 2015

The USA Today reported recently that few places in the world have developed as quickly as Mexico’s Riviera Maya and that includes Tulum.

Tulum,not only is it home to the only seaside ruins of a once majestic and powerful empire,it is currently the most talked about town in all of the free world.

Tulum’s growth rate has now surpassed that of Playa del Carmen and garners the distinction of being the fastest growing town in Latin America. 

The Wall Street Journal just recently reported that Tulum real estate is in the top 3 of the World’s Top Ten Retirement Havens. Imagine what this is doing to Tulum real estate prices.

In a recent discussion with Derek Melvin,top real estate consultant with Investment Properties Mexico,the leader in real estate transactions in the Riviera Maya specializing in Tulum Land,is overwhelmed with the speed at which the infrastructure is being implemented. 

Obviously,as the President of Mexico,Senor Felipe Calderon promised,this is being done to support an international airport environment of which Tulum will soon have and is currently under construction and whose runways can be seen from Google Earth.

However,there are other signs that show the infrastructure growth. There are now more than 9 gas stations in the town and a brand new Wal Mart and grocery store that rivals anything in Canada or the States.

A new by-pass is being built to allow Tulum to retain its old world charm but still accommodate 3 million new visitors a year. The new by-pass comes out near the town of Muyil which has positively affected Muyil real estate prices.

Tulum’s Director of Economic Development,Senor Carlo Jasso,indicates that the government is in communication with many large banking institutions to open more banks.

Another important indicator is the recent implementation of a new branch of the police force called. “Policia Ejecutiva.”  These specially trained police will offer added security and are developing skills to deal specifically with foreign tourists and the future residents of Tulum. 

More and more Canadians and Americans are buying land in Tulum. This new police measure will add comfort and security knowing that there is an elite police presence specializing in assisting non -Mexicans  in Tulum.

Tulum offers everything from the best beaches in the world to the smartest acquisitions one can make for their portfolio. Don’t miss out on capitalizing on Tulum’s exponential growth and thusly once in a lifetime opportunity.

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