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Tulum Real Estate to Benefit from New Bypass

15 January, 2015

Ahhh,Tulum… Even the name suggests a warm,tropical existence. All the world is drawn to this special,spiritual place and for good reason. With some of the world's most sought after beaches,Tulum is on the hit list of every major star in Hollywood looking for a little R and R. The "Walled City" is becoming so popular with the world that the once quaint little town is getting a new International Airport,and now accordingly,a brand new expressway bypass to handle the 3 million visitors that are projected for the new Tulum airport.

To support an airport environment,both State and Federal governments are in overdrive implementing the infrastructure necessary to support the coming storm for the new Tulum airport (Riviera Maya airport). One of these most welcomed improvements is a new expressway bypass at a cost of $120 Million USD. The entire operation involves the construction of almost 16 miles of new expressway which will also have a branch to the soon to be built International Airport. The bypass will start being constructed just a few short miles north of the city. It will bypass the new urban area and head towards the New Riviera Maya International Airport and then it will intersect with the Tulum/Coba Highway. Heading to the South of Tulum,the new bypass will reconnect with the existing 307,skirting the 1.5 million acre Sian Kaan Biosphere. Then clear sailing all the way to Belize. 

In this magical city of Tulum,the existing 307 highway becomes the town's main road. This is where the highest collection of shops,restaurants and tourist services are located. With the increased traffic from the new airport and the exponential growth of the area,traffic congestion could have very easily become a severe problem. The construction of this new bypass will certainly allow Tulum to continue to embrace that tiny village feel and well as prepare for the growth of the area and the new airport.

With the infrastructure on a fast track for the coming airport,now is the time to look toTulum real estate for a smart investment. There are not too many places left in the world where there is an inevitable growth cycle located less than a couple of miles from an ocean voted by Conde Naste as the best beach in the world. 

Invest in Progress,Invest in Paradise

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