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Sian Kaan Biosphere: Now Even Larger

15 January, 2015

Tulum,the magical seaside city,located on the Caribbean side of Mexico,complete with century old architectural ruins,and as Conde Nast puts it," the world's best beach," is also home to a nature preserve unlike anywhere else in the world called the Sian Kaan.

Sian Kaan is a Mayan word which means,"origin to the sky".  One can only imagine to receive a name like that,one must be a special place,and the Sian Kaan does not disappoint. 

It is home to over 103 remarkably different and diverse species of mammals,hundreds of varying bird species,some only found here,countless reptiles and amphibians,and plant species that will amaze,and let's not forget some 23 archaeological ruins within the biosphere,many as old as 2,300 years.

This 1.3 million acre UNESCO World Heritage Site,set aside as a preserve in 1986 to protect the diverse and ecologically fragile flora and fauna,has just received another 319,000 hectares of protected land which is almost 787,654 acres,more than a 50% expansion!

This allocation of new land,especially in this region which is earmarked for unprecedented growth,as a new international airport is being built right up the road,shows Mexico's dedication to upholding their end in preserving our planet and maintaining a think green mantra.

According to Fox News,  Araceli Dominguez,the president of the Cancun based Mayab Ecological Group,says that "everyone is after these plots of land" but also adds that "development can be done,but in line with environmental criteria and in low densities."

This is the attitude embraced by all who realize Tulum real estate will grow at an exponential pace,but from the mistakes made right up the road in Cancun with a "too big,too soon" mentality,Tulum's new government is taking the proper steps to ensure Tulum's impending growth will not only be historical,but done so in with a 21st century mindset.

Regarding Tulum real estate, there was only a small area,known as,"the sweet spot" according to Investment Properties Mexico,where desirable,beach side residential lots can be placed and have been designated,and now with more area being allocated as protected,your opportunity to capitalize on the obvious real estate opportunities that land banking for future residential subdivision offers is quickly slipping by.

Make sure that you get as much of Tulum real estate as you can now so you can avoid the ,"I knew it,I saw it,I blew it" blues.