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Paamul,a Well Kept Secret.

15 January, 2015

When I think of a trailer park,I have visions of bad mullet haircuts,rusty barbecues,lots of empty,discarded beer cans strewn about the place and of course an abandoned car or two resting on its tireless,rusty rims.

However,that vision has now been replaced by one of a close knit community,mainly snowbirds who have elaborately decorated and outfitted their Winnebago's with Palapa's and other Mexican regalia that gives this slice of paradise off the beaten path its unbelievable,charming personality.

This little known secret,nestled in a truly picturesque cove of the tranquil Caribbean Sea is called Paamul,which means "destroyed ruins" in Mayan.

Located right in the heart of the award winning Riviera Maya,the Yucatan Peninsula's jewel,Paamul provides a year round,serene and eclectic tranquility and playground to its visitors and year round residents.

Afternoons are spent snorkeling on the world-class protected reef,donning tanks for an underwater adventure provided by the on-site dive shop,which by the way is the oldest dive shop south of Cancun,or just simply lazing by the pool enjoying nachos and lobster downed by a stiff margarita or cerveza!

Originally a coconut plantation,Paamul is now one of the best kept secrets in the Riviera Maya. Offering a true sense of community and security,Paamul is not just for the adventurous few who dared explore this virgin region of the Yucatan Peninsula 40 years ago.

If unpretentious isolation is what you are seeking,Paamul may be worth a quick look-see.  This isolated stretch of pristine beach,called Yan Ten,is marvelous for a nice stroll to gather seashells,a jog or a swim,or simply some quiet time to gather your thoughts.

Not to worry about getting bored however.  If the raw nature and beauty does not do it for you,the residents of Paamul have social events that are planned every week,my favorite being the Friday night crab races.

For the adults needing an exciting night life,not to worry.  The famous fifth avenue which is the lifeblood of Playa del Carmen,is just 10 minutes up the road but a world away.

Richard Houghton,owner of Investment Properties Mexico,the leaders in real estate along the magnificent Caribbean Coast,cautions those looking for an investment property or simply a second home here that ownership in Paamul is under a land lease,therefore,not for everyone.

Paamul real estate has something for everyone.  The special cove with its swaying Palms,is something unique and picturesque. There is even a quaint boutique hotel for those that did not drive or tow their own accommodations.  It is the perfect place to experience an unforgettable vacation in the Riviera Maya that has such an eclectic feel that your vacation will surely be a remarkable one.